Is Defiance a TV show or a video game? Both. In a a bid to combine both media, the Defiance story plays out in both a TV show and video game concurrently, meaning events from one affect the other. While this premise is totally original, as we found out, both the game and SyFy TV series leave plenty to be desired in execution. Read on for a critical look at both, along with more background on how the first combined video game and TV series was made.

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Defiance's executive producer has annoucned that every expansion for 'Defiance' will include free content, paid content, and new items for the in-game store. The first DLC, tentatively titled 'Enter the Castithan,' arrives this month


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‘Defiance’ Most Wanted contest bridges the gap between MMO and TV show

Defiance will deliver on its cross media promise in the next two weeks with a newly announced contest on the game side that promises to bring player avatars into the world of Syfy's TV series.


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Review: SyFy’s game-infused ‘Defiance’ TV series falls short of its revolutionary potential

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A word about our ‘Defiance’ review… (and updates to Xbox 360 players)

While we originally hoped to have our 'Defiance' review posted this Friday, but technical difficulties with the Xbox 360 version have caused multiple delays. As a result, the review will be postponed until next week.