If you liked Cut the Rope, you’re gonna love Pudding Monsters

cut the rope creators return with equally as quirky pudding monsters puddingmonsters logo

Cut the Rope has been an App Store darling since its initial release. Never falling out of favor with mobile gamers, the title is rarely absent from top games or most downloaded apps lists. The developers can’t live off of Om Nom, the candy-gobbling star of Cut the Rope, and his adventures forever. ZeptoLabs has announced its next game: Pudding Monsters.

What could Pudding Monsters possibly be about, you ask? Well, it’s about blobs of pudding that team up with other blobs of pudding to fight back against an evil man who steals and eats pudding. Of course it is. What else could it have possibly been? If there are three things ZeptoLabs proved it did very well with Cut the Rope, it’s cuteness, quirkiness, and fun. It appears Pudding Monsters will invoke all three traits.

Opting to move away from the physics-based gameplay of Cut the Rope and create an easy-to-approach, casual puzzle game, Pudding Monsters will focus more on timing and observation. It will require players to manage different pieces and game elements to accomplish the goal of creating a mega-sized pudding blob. Though ZeptoLabs is promising a step up in game design and graphical detail, it also plans for Pudding Monsters to be just as easy to pick up and play at any time as its previous title was.

Anxious players will have a two-week wait until they are able to get their fix of pudding, but there should be no shortage of platforms to play it on. ZeptoLabs made Cut the Rope available on as many mobile platforms as it could and offered a web-based app, and there’s no reason to believe it won’t do the same with it’s upcoming title. It will first be available on December 20 on iOS and Android. If you’re afraid you’ll miss Om Nom too much, don’t worry: Chief Executive Misha Lyalin promised 2013 would bring more of him inside and outside of the Cut the Rope universe. We have a feeling no crossover with Pudding Monsters is expected, as the pudding wouldn’t stand a chance against the green monster and his undying appetite.