Grand Theft Auto Creators In Court

Mark Gallagher, who applied for a job at the developer now known as Rockstar North in 1993, claims that an example of his own work was used as the eventual basis for Grand Theft Auto.

Gallagher claims to have developed a game called “Crime Inc.” over a period of two years before he applied for the job with DMA, which at the time was a respected Amiga and PC developer after the successful release of Lemmings in 1990. A demonstration version of the game, he says, which featured a similar criminal milieu, was part of the materials he submitted when applying for a position at DMA.

He didn’t get the job, but has now surfaced with a suit alleging copyright infringement and seeking some 1.5 million pounds ($2.2 million) in damages. Rockstar North denies any such infringement, and said the circumstances of any interview with Gallagher are ‘not known.”

The timing of the suit certainly seems peculiar, given that it’s been six years since the debut of the original Grand Theft Auto and more than two since the franchise hit the big time with Grand Theft Auto III. The Court of Session in Edinburgh, Scotland will, however, sort the issue in the near future.

Source: BBC,