Jetsetter: Poland’s Uncharted clone and a new Japanese shooter from the creator of Ikaruga

jetsetter polands uncharted clone and a new japanese shooter from the creator of ikaruga adventurer

Come along and ride on a Jetsetter voyage! We’ll take you around the world in as many games as it takes. Want to know what’s going on in Tajikistan’s mobile gaming scene? Not a whole lot at the moment, but this is the place where we’d be jamming about it if there was.

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* Poland’s The Farm 51 prepping Uncharted clone Adventurer.

You ever hop on Netflix and see movies that look and sound a lot like Hollywood blockbusters but aren’t? Transmorphers, The Day the Earth Stopped, etc.? They’re kind of like the bagged cereal sitting next to the Cinnamon Toast Crunch at the grocery store. The Farm 51, the Polish studio hard at work on a remake of Painkiller, is now creating an original title called Adventurer that isn’t very original. As you can see in the developer video diary above, the game bears a passing resemblance to Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series, even down to the gruff older sidekick with a mustache. The game isn’t exactly like Nathan Drake’s adventures, what with the first-person perspective and all, but its jungle environments certainly do call his games to mind. Unlike Uncharted, Adventurer is for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

 * Sony brings game manufacturing to India but localization for the country.

To date Sony has manufactured the disks and cases for its games throughout Europe, and India imports most of its Sony games from those sources. Not anymore as Sony is opening a plant in India to handle the region. MCV reported on Tuesday that Sony Computer Entertainment India is trying to finalize its operations in the country. “Technically, we’re ready to roll out PS3 games from India, but we’re currently working on the tax implications so that we can be clear on costing models for the first and third party games,” said SCEI manager Atindriya Bose. Bad news for Indian gamers though: Sony has no plans to specially localize games for the country. While the games themselves will be made there, thus making them cheaper, the content will still be based on European version.

jetsetter polands uncharted clone and a new japanese shooter from the creator of ikaruga kokuga

Kokuga, a new shooter from Ikaruga creator Hiroshi Iuchi, out in Japan this September.

Ikaruga may not be the best known game out there, but those that have faced down Treasure’s vicious 2D shooter on Dreamcast, GameCube, or Xbox Live know full well how great it is. Nintendo 3DS owners will get a taste of that magic on Sept. 27 when Kokuga hits the handheld. Hiroshi Iuchi, one of the key creators of Ikaruga, designed Kokuga.