Jetsetter: Trouble in Canada for Silicon Knights, new games from a British icon, and the return of Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki

jetsetter trouble in canada for silicon knights new games from a british icon and the return of shenmue creator yu suzuki get

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* Judge says Ontario’s Silicon Knights will receive just $1 per claim in lawsuit against Epic Games.

It’s been a rough week in Canada. First, the country’s premiere RPG maker BioWare was hit by major layoffs on its Star Wars: The Old Republic team. Now, the country’s most infamous RPG makers, Silicon Knights, are finding a years old legal battle winding down to a most dissatisfying conclusion. The studio behind Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen and Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem sued Epic Games in 2007 claiming that the Gears of War studio never provided a “working game engine.” Silicon Knights had licensed Unreal Engine 3 for use in its Too Human action RPG series and claimed that Epic damaged the project by providing a less advanced version of the engine.

The trial began on May 14 and, according to a Polygon report, the North Carolina judge presiding determined Silicon Knights will be entitled to just $1 in damages per claim if the jury sides with them. Why so low? Silicon Knights never provided a comprehensive detail of damages it was seeking. Digital Trends reached out to Silicon Knights’ head honcho Dennis Dyack for a comment on the proceedings, but the studio declined.

jetsetter trouble in canada for silicon knights new games from a british icon and the return of shenmue creator yu suzuki

*Shemue, Virtua Fighter creator Yu Suzuki working on iPhone, Android game.

Obsessives waiting patiently for Shenmue 3 will have to wait a little longer. One of Japan’s most celebrated game makers, Yu Suzuki, has been absent from the industry spotlight since finishing Virtua Fighter 4, playing an advisory role at Sega since. Famitsu (via Andriasang) reported that the 54-year-old designer is no working on a smartphone game for Mediano. It may not be a new Space Harrier, but at least the man is working!

* Peter Molyneux’s new studio will show off 22 Experiments this summer.

In last week’s Jetsetter, we discussed the United Kingdom’s Lionhead, creator of Fable, and its new MMO for Xbox 720. This week, studio founder and expatriate Peter Molyneux discussed his first post-Lionhead project with his new independent studio 22 Cans. Molyneux discussed 22 Experiments with BeefJack on Wednesday. “[We’re] directing all of our staff at the moment towards these things called 22 Experiments, which are 22 experiments that we will release digitally on the journey onto the final product that we’re going to make,” said Molyneux, “Our whole passion is to use some of the technology which is around in the world today in a single product and a single experience, in a way that no one else has used it.”