New Microsoft Xbox Music Mixer

With the recent launch of Microsoft® Xbox® Music Mixer, the new add-on feature that turns the Xbox console into the ultimate party machine, Microsoft Corp. allows “American Idol” wannabes to test their vocal talents in front of trusted friends or family members before they face the Simon Cowells of the world. With the resurgence in popularity of karaoke nationwide, Xbox Music Mixer makes the perfect gift for the holidays.

Next-Generation Jackson 5

A recent survey* conducted by independent research firm StrategyOne reveals that roughly one in five American adults sings karaoke at least once a year. The same survey indicates that more and more Americans let loose by singing tunes with their family members and friends. The survey also shows that 49 percent of American adults usually sing with their families and that having fun with friends is the No. 1 reason to sing karaoke: Sixty-two percent of American adults sing karaoke to make their friends laugh.

Variety Is the Spice of Life — Especially for Men

One out of five men responded that they would sing more karaoke if they had a wider selection of songs. With Xbox Music Mixer, the song selection is limitless. Songbirds can showcase their vocal talents, or lack thereof, by singing along to 15 of the most-requested karaoke songs, ranging from “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor to “Love Shack” by the B-52’s. In addition, if users want to perform freestyle and take it to the next level, Xbox Music Mixer’s digital lyric-stripping technology allows them to remove the vocals from anyof their favorite CDs and PC audio files, making nearly any karaoke request possible.And, finally, through Microsoft’s alliance with Eatsleepmusic Corporation, users can choose from more than 20,000 song titles from artists such as Nelly, Faith Hill, The Beatles and Good Charlotte by visiting and downloading their favorite tunes.

Control the Party With the Skills of a DJ

For those who dream of being a radio disc jockey or video jockey, the Mixer Mode function allows users to customize playlists, add 2-D and 3-D on-screen visualizers, and utilize audio effects and transitions. The interactive media player brings the club experience home, allowing users to mix, match and shuffle their favorite songs. With Xbox Music Mixer, anyone can create soundtracks to set the mood for any situation, from creating the right tone for an off-the-hook house party to generating the perfect atmosphere for a romantic dinner.

Share the Magic Moments

For the musically challenged, Xbox Music Mixer’s Photo Album Viewer is the perfect tool for sharing favorite pictures with friends or family. With Xbox Music Mixer, amateur photojournalists can snap the life back into slide shows by adding cool real-time audio effects and customized soundtracks to create the ultimate slide show. They can simplytransfer WMA, MP3 or JPEG files to their Xbox to create the ultimate music and photo library. The Xbox Music Mixer PC Transfer Tool can be downloaded at