Saw writers hired to script God Of War flick

saw writers hired to script god of war flick godofwar

That film adaptation of Sony’s flagship action adventure franchise God Of War inches a bit closer to entering production with this morning’s news that the flick has picked up a duo of screenwriters to pen its script. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan have been tapped to bring the adventures of erstwhile Greek god of war Kratos to the silver screen.

Though you may not recognize their names, the pair could easily be described as “rising stars” in Hollywood. Their most famous work to date has been writing the screenplays for Saw IV, V, VI and Saw 3D: The Final Chapter, though after penning an impressive spec script for an unproduced film called “Monstropolis” the duo were hired to help script Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming giant-robot-versus-giant-monsters movie Pacific Rim.

As for the plot of this God Of War film, we still know next to nothing. Obviously the film will feature the same stylized Greek mythology featured in the games, and presumably quite a bit of violence, but beyond that supposition we know nothing. Will Melton and Dunstan base their script on the story seen in one of the games? Will they create a wholly new tale with only the main character and familiar tropes like the aforementioned mythological violence as reminders that this movie is based on a popular video game series? Will Kratos find himself in an overly complex death trap where his only escape is hacking off a limb with the Blades Of Chaos while a creepy puppet laughs at him from a nearby video monitor? We likely won’t know the answers to any of these questions for a while.

Uncertainty aside, this is good news for those patiently awaiting Kratos’ big screen debut. Say what you will about the Saw films, but Melton and Dunstan have proven that they are legitimate Hollywood screenwriters with a knack for giving people what they want. The thumbs up the duo received from Guillermo del Toro for their spec script should be seen as great news for the God Of War movie, as del Toro is an unapologetic geek whose tastes tend to align almost perfectly with those of his fans (and it should go without saying that there is a huge overlap between God Of War fans and people who’ve enjoyed del Toro productions like Blade 2 and Hellboy). If Melton and Dunstan are good enough for Guillermo del Toro, they’re good enough for us.

Given that the film is only now finding writers, it’s safe to assume that the God Of War film adaptation won’t be hitting theaters for quite some time. If we had to guess, we’d say that if all goes well we could be seeing this movie as soon as 2014, but since we don’t have to guess we’ll just point out that there are hundreds of different things that could still go wrong to derail this production. Fingers crossed it at least progresses far enough for us to speculate on casting rumors though. We live for that sort of thing.