The impressive rise of Draw Something [infographic]

Draw Something

Last week, social gaming giant Zynga made headlines after it purchased app publishing house OMGPOP for around $200 million. Many commentators declared the deal a major victory for Zynga, as OMGPOP could have, they say, sold for far more loot — something in the neighborhood of $1 billion, by some estimates.

The reason for these staggering declarations stem from the wild success of OMGPOP’s recent mobile game hit, Draw Something. The Pictionary-esque game quickly surpassed Words with Friends as the most popular game in the mobile app market place, after having received 35 million downloads in the first month alone.

For those of you who’ve played Draw Something, this isn’t particularly surprising. The game is, for lack of a better word, addictive. And much like other app hits, like Angry Birds, it is the sheer simplicity of Draw Something that makes it such a hit.

To help fully understand the skyrocketing success of Draw Something, the whiz kids at MBA Online have put together this nifty animated infographic, which sums up the “meteoric rise” of the game in colorful Draw Something fashion.

If, for some reason, flashy GIFs annoy you, or cause seizures, you can find most of this information in regular text over at, which is where MBA Online snagged most of this data. (Full disclosure: You author was an editor at a couple of years ago.) That said, the infographic is a good example of where this medium is going, so you might as well learn to like it (or completely avoid it) sooner rather than later.

Check out the Draw Something infographic below:

Draw Something
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