Geneva WorldRadio: An update on a radio-era classic

geneva worldradioGeneva’s new multi-function radio gives new meaning to the concept of world music. This radio features the design of the classic WorldRadio, which could receive all available radio stations of its day using the broadcasting technologies of a bygone era including FM, long and short wave. In other words it was just the thing for being on a deserted island with the likes of Gilligan. But that was then.

Today, for those who want to listen in from home, there is the new Geneva WorldRadio, which can receive audio broadcasts over FM, DAB digital radio in Europe, and via thousands of Internet radio stations. Available in a choice of three metallic finishes, including silver, red and black, it features a retro-looking, streamlined chassis geneva worldradiodesign that offers an aluminum handle and tuning controls. But unlike the old school model, this one is a piece of true, 21st century technology.

It includes a digital color display with touch controls, digital FM tuner, Bluetooth receiver and even an alarm clock. The device can wirelessly stream Internet radio from any Bluetooth-enabled device including a computer, tablet or smartphone, while additional audio sources can be connected via a 3.5mm line input.

Geneva claims its single driver will deliver clean sound from top to bottom with bass extension as low as 80Hz – quite impressive for a 4-inch speaker in such a small box – but we can probably expect some reasonable low end out of this little thing considering the amplifier specs look pretty good. And it should kick out the jams for a while, as it can reportedly provide up to six hours of music playback via a built-in rechargeable battery.

The price: a rather hefty $300. That puts it into competition with some pretty stellar sounding wireless speakers.