Westinghouse Lowers Price Of LCD TVs

The company reduced its suggested retail price for the 30-inch model #W33001 to $2,199 and for the 27-inch model #W32701 to $1,699.

“Price compression on all sizes of LCD TVs has been dramatic, and Westinghouse Digital is at the forefront of offering mainstream consumers affordable digital entertainment. Our central strategy is to work closely with retailers to bring steady and substantial reductions in production costs quickly and efficiently to the market,” said Douglas Woo, president of Westinghouse Digital. “The addition of Best Buy to our distribution channel strengthens our position as the mainstreaming leader, with Westinghouse LCD TVs available in more than 1,100 retail stores coast to coast at prices that are 30 percent lower than just seven months ago.”

According to Riddhi Patel, senior analyst for the market research firm iSuppli/Stanford Resources: “The major obstacle preventing mass consumer migration from CRT TVs to LCD TVs has been price. Average prices for 25- to 29-inch LCD TVs have been more than $2,500, while 30- to 34-inch set prices have averaged more than $3,000, limiting them to high-end markets. Lower pricing should make LCD TVs attractive to a broader segment of consumers.”

“We are confident that response will be strong among consumers looking to replace their bulky CRT TVs with an ultra-slim, wall-mountable, HD-ready LCD TV that offers multiple entertainment options from a single platform,” Woo said. “Many retailers believe that consumer demand for wall-mountable TVs has reached critical mass, and that since consumers have seen the benefits of LCD technology already used in most cell phones, notebook computers and monitors, it is the preferred digital television platform to deliver the reliability, brightness and longevity that they expect from a TV.”

Westinghouse LCD TVs offer crystal clear images, vivid colors and crisp resolution, with a wide viewing angle that makes it possible to see a clear picture from almost anywhere in the room. Families can enjoy broadcast, cable, satellite or HDTV programming, watch DVD or VHS movies, play video games, surf the Internet, work on a PC and watch TV at the same time, or view digital photos. The advanced PIP (picture-in-picture) capabilities enable consumers to size and locate the PIP screens or enjoy split-screen viewing.

Westinghouse LCD TVs deliver industry-leading 16-millisecond response time for clear images for fast action sports, video games and movies. The advanced color gamut displays the broadest possible range of colors and the ultra-bright display and high contrast ratios offer vivid colors and bright images even in harsh lighting conditions. With an expected lamp life of 50,000 hours and no degradation in video performance over the life of the product, Westinghouse LCD TVs offer families many years of high-quality digital entertainment.