Above the clouds: City in the Sky concept is a towering oasis of tranquility

We have seen a lot of architectural concepts designed for the future, but the “City in the Sky” concept from Hrama evokes a sense of emotion and triggers an inner tranquility we’ve yet to experience with other designs.

At its core, Hrama’s City in the Sky is perhaps better appreciated as an artistic expression than a lesson in structural-engineering.

Providing a stark contrast to what we imagine might be an otherwise dystopian future, the City in the Sky acts as an oasis in the clouds; a pillared set of island scattered across the skyline, which serve as living and vibrant refuges from the waste, noise, and pollution of the metropolis far below.

The City in the Sky was developed as part of the “Megatropolis” project, which began life in London and saw a handful of companies and artists invited to create their own interpretation of a developed city in the future. And although it’s fair to say we won’t be seeing anything like the City in the Sky in our lifetimes, it does provide a stunning glimpse into the endless possibilities the city of the future may hold.