Clothes hangers made from bike parts give upcycling a whole new meaning

Cycle Hangers

The best part about vintage items is how well they manage to last after all these years. The fabric from vintage clothes break down slower, some older designs have a quirky charm… and upcycling, the process of converting old items into some new and useful, can often add more to their shelf lives. Take for example, the Cycle Hangers by Oliver Staiano. Even if you can’t ride an old bicycle anymore, its parts are still good to other daily uses.

Cycle HangersStaiano, a Bachelor of Arts candidate at United Kingdom’s Nottingham Trent University, redesigned clothes hangers with bike parts as part of his final thesis for his Product Design program. The set includes three different types of hangers: One made from the handlebar to hold up slippery apparels, one made from the wheel frame, and the last from the vertical bar at the middle of the bike. All three pieces were finished with wood that gets a waxing treatment for color and shine. The hooks were also recycled using the bending spokes from the wheel to reshape into their question mark-esque outlines.

While the Cycle Hangers are certainly beautiful to look at, there are some impracticalities if the bike used was a bit too big. Clothes hangers that wide would definitely be strong enough to hold a heavy coat, but may find little use for original, everyday apparel items. At least the wood from the wheel frame hanger will help keep the shoulder of a top in its correct shape.

If you like what you see, you can support the young designer by purchasing Cycle Hangers for £199.94, or approximately $325 USD, a set. This could be a pretty big wallet strain since it might be a bit awkward to have three unique hangers and every other one non-matching. However, if you’re feeling a bit frugal and a lot DIY, Staiano has also provided a step-by-step tutorial (with pictures!) for you to attempt to make these at home. Of course, this will require a lot of equipments including a sandblasting machine and home improvement goods. You can also attempt to do everything by hand if you’ve got the patience, but on the bright side it will allow you to choose your own length of each parts to make the hangers more practical to your needs.

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