Digital Trends Podcast - Episode 7

Topics this week include Black Friday deals, robot revolutions, the dreaded Selfie Stick and drone mistletoe.  It goes off topic fast. #turkeyselfiestick This episode of Trends with Benefits features Caleb Denison, Drew Prindle and Dan Gaul along with…


Turn molehills into mountains with the unmatched 65x zoom on Canon's SX60

Canon has made its newest mega-zoom even more potent. The SX60 HS has a long 65x zoom and fast performance. It’s no DSLR, but you don’t have to lug around lenses either.

  • Pros: 65x optical zoom , Quality images, decent videos , Solid LCD…
  • Cons: Relatively poor ISO performer , Some focusing issues at…

Home Depot isn’t out of the clear as it faces numerous lawsuits over data breach

Home Depot's data breach might have happened several months ago, but the company will likely face the fallout for much longer as it faces 44 civil lawsuits stemming from the data breach.


Remember the Porsche Panamera wagon? Porsche’s R&D boss says it might happen

Porsche’s Research and Development chief has new variants of the Panamera. Most likely heading for the production line is the Sport Turismo wagon, but coupe and convertible iterants are possible as well.


At least they got the name right: Horrible Bosses 2 is both horrible and a sequel

Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, and Charlie Day return for a sequel to their 2011 comedy hit, and it more than lives up to its title.


Hook this device up to your water heater and watch your utility bill shrink

Sunnovations Aquanta is a smart device for water heaters; it connects to your existing water heater and learns when it should heat water, saving energy and lowering utility bills.


Marco Polo, Anchor Man 2, and The Wolf of Wall Street headline Netflix in December

Netflix has released its latest titles for instant streaming in December, as well as offering a few holiday classics to get you in the spirit right now, including 'White Christmas,' and 'The Muppet Christmas Carol.'

Home Theater

Don't bother with Escape Dead Island, just run away now

Escape Dead Island is as arduous as it is unambitious, a boilerplate zombie game dabbling in stealth, action, and story, but not getting very far with any of them.

  • Pros: Cel-shaded graphics and motion comic cut scenes give it an…
  • Cons: Arduous combat and stealth mechanics , Boilerplate zombie…

OnePlus lets you have a say in its Black Friday discounts

OnePlus wants its fans to decide how big of a discount they get on accessories for the unique smartphone. The more you share a product on social media, the bigger the discount you'll get.


The Sunn Light mimics the natural cycle of the sun to keep your brain healthy

With the help of a mobile app, the Sunn light can be synchronized to any time zone in the world so that it mirrors the natural rise and fall of the sun in that area, acclimating you to different night and day cycles.


The on-again, off-again Steve Jobs biopic is back, and coming from Universal

After Sony Pictures dropped Danny Boyle's biopic of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, Universal Pictures has acquired the film, which was penned by Aaron Sorkin.


Ubisoft says it’s sorry for Assassin’s Creed Unity with a free game for season pass holders

Ubisoft is offering Assassin's Creed Unity's first DLC, Dead Kings to everyone as a gift to make up for the buggy launch, according to a letter from CEO Yannis Mallat.


Not a modern art fan? BMW’s functional masterpieces might just move you

BMW will display two of its most striking Art Cars at the 2014 Art Basel in Miami Beach. The first is a bold wide-body 320i by Roy Lichtenstein, and the second is a gorgeous landscape piece M3 by Michael Jagamara Nelson.


Microsoft gifting Windows users with 100 free albums from U2, Kanye West, and others

Users of Windows 8/Windows Phone can access 100 free albums for download from the tech giant, as well as a selection of 50 "box sets" for under $3 each.


Windows 10 says bye-bye to FLAC from MP3 conversion with native FLAC format support

Windows 10 will cater to exigent audiophiles with native support for FLAC audio file playing. Here's exactly what that means.