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The third and final Hobbit film goes to war with a new title

Director Peter Jackson today announced that the third Hobbit film, previously known under the subtitle There and Back Again, has changed its name to The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies.

Yet another World of Warcraft player unlocks all achievements for the first time

Russian World of Warcraft player Хируко is the first in the world to unlock all 2,057 achievements available, as of the Mists of Pandaria expansion.

Yamaha’s mountain-bike-sized PES1 EV motorcycle ready for 2016 production?

Clearly, this is a purpose-built city bike, as most electric bikes are by default due to range issues. It's tiny, despite appearing to have at least 16 or 17-inch wheels. Its doubtful riders are going to be doing battle with freeway traffic.

Getty Images launches to sell its renowned photography as home decor

Getty Images has launched, a collection of creative prints for home and office decor purposes. While better known as a stock photo agency, the new site represents another move into the consumer space by Getty.

Is gas passé? EVs attract younger, richer buyers than hybrids, study says

A new study by Experian suggests that EV buyers are younger and wealthier than people buying EVs, discrediting the notion that the two groups are similar. This study adds to the increasingly complex landscape of car sales in the era of alternative powertrains…

Instagram enhances ‘Explore’ tab, includes content you may actually care about

Instagram's "Explore" tab now includes photos with more depth and meaning. Instead of random popular photos that bear no relevance to users, the tab now displays "liked" photos from the people you follow.

Four hunters, one monster: See all the angles in Evolve’s new interactive trailer

The latest look at Turtle Rock Studios' Evolve is an interactive trailer that allows viewers to switch between the perspectives of five playable characters.

Skylanders Trap Team is a little bit Ghostbusters, a little bit Mega Man

The 2014 entry in the Skylanders franchise is Skylanders Trap Team, from Toys For Bob. The game gives players the ability to capture enemies and use their powers.

Sony expands high-res audio line with new A/V receivers, speakers, and more

Sony unveiled a font of new audio components to spur its push towards high resolution audio, including two new receivers, a new speaker series, and an all-in-one home theater system. We got a sneak peak at all the new gear. Come inside to get the goods.

NYPD surprised by reaction to its Twitter campaign, asks for some positive tweets

Despite the NYPD's disastrous attempt to connect with its citizens through Twitter on Tuesday, commissioner Bill Bratton is adamant the campaign will continue, saying, "It's not going to cause us to change any of our efforts to be very active on social media."

Apple’s iTunes almost at 800 million accounts, most ‘connected to a credit card’

Apple has revealed it now oversees almost 800 million iTunes accounts globally. While revenue from its online store is up, recent reports suggest the firm may revamp its music-based elements to better compete with the likes of Pandora and Spotify.

This 10.1-inch, 4K resolution screen eats the same amount of energy as a lower-res panel

Japan Display has announced a 10.1-inch screen with a massive 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution, which qualifies as 4K. Thanks to some clever tech, the screen doesn't consume any more power than a lower resolution panel.

Facebook’s Q1 beats expectations thanks to successful mobile strategy

A couple of years ago, when Facebook was yet to run its first mobile ad, the company expressed concerns about the challenges it faced with monetizing the platform. Judging by its latest set of financial results, things clearly haven't turned out too badly.

Apple CEO says it ‘means more to us to get it right’ than to be first

Apple boss Tim Cook told investors in an earnings call Wednesday that it means more to the company to get a product right than to be first with it (just don't mention Apple Maps).

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