Nvidia G-Sync or AMD FreeSync? Pick a side and stick with it

There are some subtle differences between the two adaptive refresh technology offerings, and they affect cost, performance, and compatibility. Once you choose one, you're committed, so which should it be?


Apple Pay looks set to launch in the U.K. on July 14

Contactless payments using Apple Pay look set to begin in the U.K. on July 14, a report on Saturday suggests. However, transactions will for the time being be limited to just £20 ($31), though retailers are expected to lift the cap over time.


Meet the winners of the Ant-Man Micro-Tech Challenge and their cool inventions

No, the challenge was not to shrink things, but to use at least one inexpensive, easy to buy micro-tech component in a do-it-yourself project, and it was open to girls aged 14 to 18 as a way to encourage interest in the STEM fields.

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Toyota’s redesigned 2016 Prius reportedly appears online with detailed information

Design sketches and information about the next-generation Toyota Prius leak online. The 2016 Prius will average 54 miles per gallon, and will be lighter and larger than the current model.


Two Hellcats and a Viper whip up a smoky cocktail in Dodge’s new ‘Predators’ ad

Dodge has released a new promotional ad for its muscle car lineup called “Predators.” In the 90-second clip, witness a Challenger Hellcat, Charger Hellcat, and Viper GTS scream around an ominous cityscape like few other cars can.


Microsoft won’t include support for Silverlight in Windows 10 Edge browser

Unlikely to impact the majority of streaming media consumers, Microsoft's video streaming standard Silverlight will not be supported in the upcoming Microsoft Edge Web browser that's shipping with Windows 10.


Intel Core i3 vs Core i5: Which is right for you?

Intel's Core i3 processors are thrifty and efficient, while Core i5 processors offer an appealing middle ground for price and power. Which one you want depends on what you want it to do.


Ready to grill? Here are some alternatives to clean it without a wire-bristle brush

Wire-bristle grill brushes have taken some heat recently, because sometimes the bristles dislodge and end up causing serious injuries when an unsuspecting party-goer swallows it. Luckily, there are alternative ways to clean your grill.


Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition will start as a beta

Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition is releasing as a beta, with feedback tools and features designed to let the game evolve as the community sees fit. Features from the Pocket Edition will also be included.


More Batgirl, less Batman: First Arkham Knight DLC arrives July 14

Batman: Arkham Knight has been out a little over a week, but its first DLC pack is almost here. Batgirl: A Matter of Family arrives July 14 for season pass purchasers, and July 21 for everyone else.


Our LG G4 came inside an ancient wooden crate like the Ark from Indiana Jones

Everyone loves to get boxes that perhaps contain something exciting in the mail. However, when the DHL guy handed over a massive wooden crate from LG, it was an even bigger surprise than usual. What could possibly be inside?

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