Project Spartan now available in the Windows 10 Technical Preview

The hotly anticipated replacement to Internet Explorer, Project Spartan, has finally landed in Windows 10 Technical Preview build 10049. Microsoft has also used the new build to fix several minor bugs.


Grand Theft Auto V will flex your PC graphics card’s muscles with lush 4K visuals

Rockstar Games has released a new batch of high-resolution screenshots for the upcoming Windows PC port of Grand Theft Auto V. Optimized for all the latest hardware, the sky is the limit for the visuals in this edition of the game.


James Bond is on the trail of a deadly agency in first trailer for SPECTRE

Daniel Craig returns as James Bond in the first trailer for SPECTRE, the 24th film in the 007 franchise, co-starring Christoph Waltz in a mysterious role.

Movies & TV

The Fast And The Furious goes sideways in Tokyo Drift, crunches into a wall

The Fast And The Furious franchise goes sideways in Toyko Drift, losing all of the characters that made the previous movies worth watching, but gaining the most spectacular action shots so far.

Movies & TV

With the right glass, Nikon's D5500 is the affordable door to your DLSR dreams

The D5500 is Nikon’s newest entry-level DSLR. It shoots quality photos, and it’s a good starter DSLR for new users.

  • Pros: Quality 24MP stills , Decent 1080/60p movies , Vari-angle…
  • Cons: Less-substantial construction , Weak 18-55mm lens kit

The Senate will investigate whether the White House let Google off the hook

Google was the subject of an FTC antitrust investigation in 2011, but it soon reached a settlement. Now, details of the numerous meetings Google held with the White House and the company's huge lobbyist presence have been revealed.


Brilliant! New graphene bulb lights the way for more durable and energy-saving future

A Canadian-based firm will soon sell the first graphene light bulb, a more energy-efficient, durable bulb that may be serious competition for traditional LEDs, especially if they're less expensive.


The Legend of Zelda for Wii U delayed until 2016, and won’t be at E3

Nintendo's Eiji Aonuma has announced that the upcoming Wii U Legend of Zelda will miss its planned 2015 release, and not show anything at E3 in the meantime.


Genius! This farmer figured out how to use a drone to herd his sheep remotely

Irish sheep farmer and drone enthusiast Paul Brennan has figured out that an RC quadcopter is incredibly effective for moving sheep from one field to another.

Cool Tech

The 2015 VW Golf R’s 4Motion AWD system fights physics, creating a middle-class supercar

: The R is different in many ways from other Golfs. What truly sets it apart, though, is its physics-bending 4Motion all-wheel drive system.


DNP DS620A photo printer is overkill for consumers, but could be lucrative for pros

The DS620A photo printer isn't for regular home use, but its ability to churn out 400 prints per hour means photographers can use it to make on-demand prints, helping them add value to their professional gigs.


Get ready to stream Jay-Z’s new hi-fi streaming service, Tidal, on Sonos’ speakers

Alongside the re-launch of TIDAL, Sonos announced support for the high-profile, high-quality music streaming service to bolster the appeal of both audiophile-friendly services.


A Nissan NISMO GT-R GT3 flips into the Nurburgring crowd in tragic accident

An accident at the Nurburgring nordschleife has claimed the life an innocent spectator of the VLN endurance series premier race. The Nissan GT-R GT3 left the track when airflow to its underbody lifted it upwards, sending it uncontrollably tumbling over the…