T-Mobile says don’t settle for Verizon, offers up free two-week trial to tempt you away

T-Mobile's not happy about Verizon's Never Settle advertising campaign, and has come up with Never Settle For Verizon, a free two-week trial of its own network exclusively for disillusioned Verizon customers.


TomTom eager to be the main reason autonomous cars can drive drive

Dutch navigation company TomTom plans to secure its future by being the main provider of technology for self-driving cars. The company’s digital map-making architecture is the basis for the Apple Maps app.


Mercedes-Benz drivers reporting shattering panoramic roofs, cause still unknown

Several Mercedes-Benz owners have come forward online to reveal issues with their panoramic roofs and sunroofs. Some units have allegedly shattered while the vehicle was being driven, despite no direct impacts to the glass.


This alarm not only nukes intruders with noise, you can watch them react in HD

The iSmartAlarm is a solid bet for the DIY-ers amongst you, and it will only improve as the company continues to roll out new features.

  • Pros: Reliable , Customizable , Expandable , Easy to use
  • Cons: Can’t delete videos , Not compatible with Zigbee or Z-Wave…

See this newborn baby’s heartbeat sent out into the world using an Apple Watch

The proud parents of this newborn baby decided to celebrate its arrival into the world, by sending its heart rate out to their family. They did so using the Digital Touch feature on the new Apple Watch.


Buying your first motorcycle: Everything you need to know

Riding a motorcycle is one of the great joys in life. Here's a guide to get you in the saddle and out on the open road ASAP.


Find out why the sound is just as integral to making Age of Ultron real

In a new SoundWorks Collection sound profile, we get to watch Sound Designer Christopher Boyes from Skywalker Sound tell us how he used innovation, and new technologies like Dolby Atmos to make Age of Ultron blow our minds, and not our ear drums.

Home Theater

Rombertik malware goes nuclear on your drive to avoid detection

Researchers at Cisco's Talos malware hunting program have revealed the discovery of an all new type of infection, Rombertik, which will self-destruct if it senses that outside forces have attempted to detect it.


The Muppets take the Internet in YouTube collaborative series

YouTube's biggest stars are linking up with the Muppets in new collaboration in an effort to connect with younger audiences. Famous YouTubers like Lindsey Sterling and Vsauce3's Jake Roper will appear alongside well-known Muppets.

The Heddoko 3D smartwear app will help you nail that tough yoga pose

So what if you don't have a coach to make sure your yoga pose is right; the Heddoko app provides immediate visual feedback in 3D. It'll catch you if you're cheating at those squats or push-ups.

SmartPlate uses cameras and sensors to determine your dinner’s nutritional value

If you're eating an individually wrapped frozen meal, it's easy to count the calories you're consuming. But what about that homemade lasagna? How big is a serving? SmartPlate uses cameras and sensors to tell you the calorie count.


New images give us a better idea about who is who in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

As a way to celebrate May the Fourth, Star Wars' unofficial holiday, a recent photo shoot revealed the identities of several characters in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Check out the post to learn more.

Movies & TV

Say “Cheese!” New technique can bust you for being hammered from an infrared pic

Thanks to a new technique developed by pair of physics professors, cops might not need a breathalyzer to tell if you're drunk anymore -- all they'd need is an infrared photo of your face.

Cool Tech

Goodbye, gullwings: Pagani’s topless Huayra to be built in a new facility this September

Exotic super car maker Pagani has revealed its upcoming Huayra roadster will be produced in a new facility this September. The facility will be able to manufacture 300 vehicles annually, but production will remain limited to 45 units per year.