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Sony’s mobile division continues to disappoint as company reports surging profits

As a whole, Sony reported very positive financial results, with several of the company's divisions reporting substantial growths. Unfortunately, the mobile division was not one of them, with the division reporting further losses.


Researchers find Android vulnerability that can render devices inoperable

Security researchers at Trend Micro have discovered a vulnerability that they claim can render a phone or tablet inoperable. All it takes, according to the report, is a malformed video file.


Pebble Time Steel: Preorders ship in August, but you’ll have to wait for the metal band

The Pebble Time Steel was just unveiled on stage at MWC by CEO, Eric Migicovsky. It's another version of the recently launched Pebble Time and is available for pre-order at Kickstarter now.


8 problems with Windows 10, and how to fix them

Microsoft’s latest Windows release has been hailed as a return to form, but software is never perfect. We’ve gathered together common Windows 10 problems here and we offer workarounds or potential solutions.


Samsung Pay News: MasterCard extends partnership to include European cardholders

Samsung Pay aims to rival Apple Pay and Google Wallet in the mobile payment space. The system works with NFC and verifies payments with your fingerprint. It may also work at locations where NFC is not accepted. Here's everything we know about it so far.


Here’s the first trailer for True Detective director’s Netflix movie, Beasts Of No Nation

True Detective director Cary Fukunaga's upcoming film Beasts of No Nation now has its first trailer ahead of its October premiere on both Netflix and in limited theatrical release nationwide.

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Why are you waiting for Windows 10? So the Internet doesn’t crash

Many users are frustrated that they're still waiting to update the Microsoft's latest OS, but the staggered rollout may have saved everyone a lot of grief.


MSI to update Windbox III lineup with new Broadwell hardware

Although chances are you have never heard of MSI's Windbox system, that may not be the case in the future, as its new lineup features more powerful Broadwell CPUs.


Troll creators claim they came up with Harry Potter back in 1986

Filmmakers John Buechler and Peter Davy came up with a character named Harry Potter Jr. back in 1986 and they claim the name is theirs to profit from. Those behind the Harry Potter franchise disagree.

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This is how OneDrive works in Windows 10

In Windows 10, OneDrive is turning into a central sync and storage hub across apps, devices, and platforms. Cortana lets you search and open files stored on OneDrive, and with remote access, you can open files stored on another computer via the OneDrive web…


Gigabyte debuts new BRIX hardware in growing micro-PC market

The micro-PC market is quickly heating up, with the likes of Intel and others adding their own NUCs and miniature systems to the table. Gigabyte is looking to stay relevant in that space with a brand new lineup of BRIX hardware.


AT&T calls FCC’s fine over its throttling “implausible,” says it shouldn’t have to pay

AT&T says that it shouldn't have to pay the FCC's fine for throttling unlimited customers. It argues the commission lacks the authority to impose it, and that the record-breaking fine is arbitrary and capricious.


Audi previews its Tesla-fighting Q6 e-tron EV ahead of the Frankfurt Motor Show

The Audi Q6 e-tron concept that will be presented this September at the Frankfurt Motor Show will boast an electric drivetrain rated at 500 horsepower. It will offer a 310-mile range and usher in Audi's inductive charging technology.


Sprint’s new family plan will save you a ton of money … if you’re not already a customer

Sprint announced a new family plan in which a family of four can get 10GB of shared data for only $100 per month. There's only one problem: You have to port four numbers from another carrier in order to enroll.