Microsoft Reveals 2010 Games Like Halo:Reach and New FFXIII Bundle


According to Microsoft, 2010 will be a grand year in gaming and a banner year for the company’s Xbox 360. Microsoft announced during its X10 press event that the multiplayer beta of Halo: Reach is set to launch on May 3, with its official title release date set in Fall of 2010. Access to the public multiplayer beta will be available through the Halo 3: ODST retail disc. Halo: Reach, from developer Bungie, will thrust gamers back into the epic series—this time; the heroic squad of Spartan soldiers must defend the planet Reach, humankind’s last line of defense between the terrifying Covenant and Earth.

“It’s our biggest and most breakthrough year yet, filled with games and entertainment that you won’t find on any other console,” says Phil Spencer, Microsoft Game Studios.

ff-console-box-1Microsoft also announced other game titles for 2010, such as Alan Wake from Remedy Entertainment to launch May 18 and Crackdown 2 from Ruffian Games to launch later this year. Microsoft also announced a handsome Final Fantasy XIII bundle to accompany the long-awaited new game. The Xbox 360 Final Fantasy XIII Special Edition Bundle includes a 250GB hard drive, two wireless controllers, exclusive downloadable avatar items, and a standard-edition copy of the dramatic sequel in the multimillion-selling series, and will be available in stores starting March 9. The new FFXIII bundle is retailing for $399.


Images provided by Engadget and Microsoft.