Philips intros HG100 gaming headphone

The HG100 brings them the full power of a realistic and involving gaming experience, and also allows them to interact with other players.

This innovative gaming solution is yet another way in which Philips is applying its technologies to bring consumers the ultimate gaming experience and enjoyment. It creates the excitement of maximum interaction and involvement, with powerful sound effects and deep bass reproduction that is felt as much as it’s heard.

The ultimate experience
The HG100 Gaming Headphone uses a new Active Motion System, with a neck-and-ear shell vibrator and sound enhancers that make players feel they’re a part of the action. It’s also easy for them to talk to other players and chatroom friends, using the adjustable microphone that gives maximum comfort with optimal voice pick-up. With this level of interaction, players can really communicate online with their opponents while they’re playing on the Internet.

All these game-enhancing features can easily be set to each player’s personal preference levels, thanks to the handy in-cord controls. These make it easy to choose exactly the right settings to experience the ultimate personalized experience. And to maximize game enjoyment even further the headphone has an unobtrusive one-sided cord for the greatest possible freedom of movement.

The HG100 is available from August onwards at a price of Euro 99.99.

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