WarHammer 40,000: Space Marine- First Look

warhammer 40000 space marine first look spacemarine 3

The WarHammer series is one that has gained a serious cult following over the years, but has remained largely unknown to the general public. What began as a tabletop, dice-based game back in 1987 soon found its way onto the PC, spawning several real-time strategy games, including the Dawn of War series that featured numerous expansion packs and a sequel. Further building on the franchise, publisher THQ and developer Relic Entertainment have begun development on a third-person shooter with RPG elements based on one of the character classes in the game.

The WarHammer series takes place in a dystopian future.  The millennia-old, totalitarian Imperium of Man has spread through the Milky Way and come into contact with several other races, including the genetically engineered Orks that were bred for combat, the young and rapidly advancing Tau that believe in their manifest destiny of expansion, a living metal race that was enslaved by star-eating creatures called the C’tan, an ancient and arrogant race called the Eldar, and the bio-engineered organic swarm called the Tyranids.  Other races have since been added through the games over the years, and war between the races is common and nearly constant.

warhammer 40000 space marine first look spacemarine 2

The details of WarHammer 40,000: Space Marines are still limited, but we do know a few things. The story will be set on an Imperial Forge World following an Ork invasion. The planet is covered in factories dedicated to creating the weapons and armor that the Imperium of Mankind requires, and it is up to the Space Marines to repel the invasion. If names, like “Imperium of Mankind” mean nothing to you, basically bad guys invade and you go kill them. The rest is just details.

The gameplay is squad based, with four marines per unit. Each is upgradable as the game progresses, but you are only in control of one character at a time. Beyond the customizable upgrades, the game looks like it plays like a third-person shooter in the vein of Gears of War.

The release date is unknown- almost certainly sometime next year, when it will be released on the Xbox 360 and PS3. Strangely there has been no mention of PC support.

Warning: This trailer may not be suitable for all ages.


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