DVD Sales Fizzle amid Digital Download, Blu-ray Boom

dvd sales fizzle amid digital download blu ray boom avatarBought any new DVDs lately? Neither have a majority of other consumers, according to the Digital Entertainment Group. The industry association reports that overall spending fell 3.3 percent during the first half of the year, with increased interest in digital downloads and Blu-ray discs unable to make up for sagging DVD sales.

Packaged media purchases – which include both DVD and Blu-ray discs – fell 7.1 percent from one year ago to $4.7 billion. Individually, Blu-ray sales nearly doubled with a whopping 84 percent gain, but because they still only account for a fraction of packaged media sales, they were unable to buoy DVD sales, which sank by 15 percent. (DVDs accounted for $4 billion in sales, while Blu-ray discs added up to just $733 million.)

Spending on digital downloads and video on demanded actually shot up an impressive 23 percent, accounting for $1.1 billion in sales. That’s nearly 13 percent of total spending, including rentals, which raked in $3 billion.