Danger And Sharp Announce Partnership

Based upon the license of Danger’s hardware reference design and client software, Sharp will manufacture, market and distribute jointly-developed products that connect to Danger’s serviceinfrastructure — Danger’s hosted client-server technology which optimizes the transfer of data over wireless networks, resulting in a compelling user experience and efficient use of networkresources.

The business collaboration between Danger and Sharp meets the needs of both companies and is expected to generate a synergistic effect on their combined worldwide business for wireless operators. Danger has long stated an interest in securing major branded manufacturers to manage the hardware aspects of its business, and to enable the company to focus on its award-winning software and services for wireless carriers. Sharp Corporation has recently expanded its mobile handset business in Europe and is focused on continued expansion in both European and North American markets.

As the world’s leading liquid crystal display (“LCD”) supplier for TV’s, computers, handsets, PDAs and other mobile terminals (including Danger’s current hiptop product), Sharp’s focus on product quality and technology innovation will enhance Danger’s offerings for wireless operators. Sharp is highly regarded in the mobile phone market for its unique LCD, flash memory, camera and downsizing technologies.

“This is a major milestone for Danger, and the beginning of a long-term and mutually-beneficial relationship with Sharp,” said Hank Nothhaft, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Danger, Inc. “Sharp’s extensive history of manufacturing excellence, combined with Danger’s innovative software and services will lead to very compelling offerings for wireless carriers and their customers in the coming months and years.”

“We are very pleased to be joining forces with a company like Danger that has created such ground-breaking technology in the mobile space,” said Mr. Hirohide Nakagawa, Group General Manager of Information and Communication Systems Group, Sharp Corporation. “Sharp’s advanced unique technologies in LCD and Optoelectronics with its focus on product quality will be combined successfully with Danger’s software and services to help take our future products and services to the next level.”

While working closely with Sharp on hardware innovation, Danger will advance its core software and service business through developing and offering value-added content and applications via its Premium Download Manager (also called “Catalog”). Danger’s hiptop Development Platform enables in-house and third party developers to create applications and content which end-users can purchase on hiptop(R) devices. Since its launch in April of 2004, the Catalog has generated unprecedented ARPU rates for wireless operators.