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DT Deals: We’re giving away a 13-inch Macbook Air

new macbook air header

This is going to be the best DT Deals ever, because you’re not gonna have to spend dime to possibly win a huge prize! We’re giving away a 13-inch Macbook Air to a lucky winner who’s not afraid to test their luck. The Air is consistently one of Digital Trends’ favorite laptops, and the winner will walk away with the latest generation on the market.

To increase your chances of winning, tweet or Facebook share it for more entries. You can also invite friends to join the contest. If you feel like spending some money and invest in your luck, you can also buy our latest Summer Apps bundle with Parallels 8 to get five more entries instantly. Well, you should still buy this bundle anyway, because it’s an awesome deal, and running Windows on a Mac is just boss.

Contest won’t last forever, so get going!