Infinium Labs Phantom Hands-On

Quote from the article:

“When I was handed the combo to demo Unreal Tournament 2004, I literally could feel no discernable difference between playing the game on my PC at home and using the Phantom. This is a great thing, folks. For the first time ever, I could sit down casually on a sofa and frag the night away on a huge big screen TV with all the precision that the combo affords. It is a dream come true.

UT2K4 looked fantastic running on the Phantom and performed similarly to on a high-end PC. But the real test for the Phantom’s power will come when Doom 3 comes out. Infinium Labs is determined to be ahead of the tech curve enough so that Doom 3 will look and run impressively on the receiver. We’ll see when the time comes, but I think that they will be true to their word. I came away from the meeting genuinely impressed. Infinium Labs may just have something big here, once gamers get over their initial reaction to the Phantom and seriously see what it has to offer.”

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