Get things done with iOS app post-it notes

get things done with ios app post it notes sticky 3

We have all come to recognize Apple app icons like the back of our hand thanks to the increased use of mobile iOS devices. Ever wish you can bring those apps to real life so you can be reminded of what you need to do even when your phone’s not around? The Sticky App Notes will do the trick.

get things done with ios app post it notes sticky messagesSold in a package of six various designs, the Sticky App Notes resemble the default apps found on your Mac computer or iPhones. These apps include Messages, Notes, Calendar, Mail, Contacts, and Clock. They work just like Post-it notes; you can write on the blank canvas to help remind yourself of things to get done and paste it whereever you please. Stick a Calendar note on an appliance to remind yourself when you need to perform a monthly maintenance, or leave contact information for the babysitter with the Contacts note. It’s just about the cutest, if not dorkiest, way to go through life as an Apple lover.

Since the Sticky App Notes are unlikely made by Apple, we’re not sure how long the product will, ahem, stick around before patent fiends take them down. If you love the idea of vamping up Post-it notes with iOS app icon designs, you can purchase these at The Fancy for $18 per 6-app package. A little pricey, but sure makes a nerdy statement.