Snoball turns charitable giving social

snoball turns charitable giving social gear patrolSure, most of us probably give to charity once in a while, but how many people know about it? Usually it’s not something you advertise, but if everyone knew about your donations, you’d probably look pretty great, and some of your friends or family might decide to get in on the action as well. That sounds like a win-win to us. The folks over at Snoball took that idea and ran with it, creating a new kind of charitable giving site that gives users more control and allows the giving to spread like wildfire, just like that cute cat video you recently posted on your Facebook Timeline. 

When users join Snoball, they can choose from 1.7 million different nonprofits, decide which one(s) they would like to give to, how much they want to give, and when. You can make a one-time donation to your favorite cause and spread the word on Facebook, or you can create a micro-donation if giving large amounts of money all at once is enough to scare you off. With a micro-donation, you can set up something like a $1 donation to a certain cause every time you buy a latte. These automated donations can be triggered by any kind of user data, like when your favorite football team wins, when you reach a fitness goal, or when you check into a specific restaurant. 

From there, the idea is that you will share your donations with your social media networks and others will likely be inspired by your giving habits and create some of their own, creating a snowball (or Snoball) effect. It could be as simple as a random Facebook friend deciding to create a micro-donation for your favorite cause or as big as a celebrity making a donation and urging their fans (through social media) to join in on the effort. With all the self-reflection and self-promotion that goes along with Facebook and Twitter, using the platforms to spread a little good will sounds refreshing.