Check out Daft Punk’s “Derezzed” video from Tron: Legacy

check out daft punks derezzed video from tron legacy punk

Tron: Legacy better not suck. So far Disney is pulling out all the stops—bringing back Jeff Bridges and young-ifying him on screen, spending around $170 million on the sequel to the movie that came out nearly 30-years ago, and hiring the intensely reclusive Daft Punk to score the soundtrack. All the moves have been solid so far, so Tron: Legacy better not suck.

Disney released a new video today that is one part music video, and one part movie trailer. It is the second sampling of Daft Punk’s soundtrack, the first debuting on the official soundtrack’s website.

The Daft Punk soundtrack has been delayed from its original November 22 date, and will now be released on December 7. The film Tron: Legacy will be released on December 17 in 3D and iMax.