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HTC and Valve just blew our minds with the Vive VR headset -- there’s simply nothing else like it

We got an early chance to try out the Vive, a new virtual reality system from HTC and Valve. Here’s how it blew us away and what we know so far about how it works.

  • Pros: Most immersive VR we've ever used , Seriously, it's amazing…
  • Cons: Price unknown , May require extensive setup , Dev unit has a…

OlliOlli 2, Oddworld, and more are free for March with PlayStation Plus

Sony has announced the latest batch of free games to reward its PS+ subscribers for March, covering a range of genres and styles that should include something for everyone.


The most dangerous game: Hunt your fellow man in GTA Online’s Adversary Modes

Alongside GTA Online's long-anticipated cooperative heists, Rockstar has announced three new player-vs-player Adversary Modes, which will unlock as heists are completed.


King’s Quest gives a wink to old fans with throwbacks, unwavering focus on story

Take an early peek at The Odd Gentlemen's King's Quest, which returns in 2015 with a five-chapter release structure and a revised approach to a familiar game.


Only an inch thin, Nvidia’s Shield microconsole cuts through 4K video, games

Nvidia reimagines its Shield brand as a living room-friendly micro-console. Weighing under 2 pounds, the Tegra X1-powered device is capable of streaming AAA games and video from 4K sources.


Nvidia crashes Epic Games keynote to tease Titan X graphics card

Nvidia's keynote at GDC 2015 wasn't about a video card, but the company didn't leave without teasing new PC hardware. The company's CEO appeared at Epic's keynote to reveal the new Titan X.


World of Warcraft inches closer to dropping subscriptions with ‘WoW Tokens’

World of Warcraft players will soon be able to pay for their subscriptions with in-game gold or buy gold for real money through WoW Tokens, newly announced by Blizzard.


Wolfenstein: The Old Blood explores the world before World War II was won by Nazis

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood tells a prequel story set before the events of 2014's Wolfenstein: The New Order. Bethesda confirms that the standalone game is coming in May 2015.


Syber to launch six new Steam Machines this fall

Syber, CyberPowerPC's new division, announced on March 3 that it will be launching a new line of Steam Machines this fall. The news came at the Gamers Developers Conference, and Syber specified that it will introduce six different models.


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain release date is set for September 1

Konami confirms a September 1, 2015 release date and collector's edition details for the console versions of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. A Steam version is coming at a later date.


This $50 cube streams anything on your phone to any TV

The SlimPort Nano-Console is a clever way of transforming your phone into a game console and a set top box. It also allows you to charge it up and there's a handy touch pad…

  • Pros: Easy to use , Screen mirroring , Low latency for gaming…
  • Cons: Limited compatibility , Aesthetic design , Remote takes…

PlayStation’s virtual reality headset Project Morpheus to launch in 2016

Sony confirms plans to launch its virtual reality headset Project Morpheus sometime during the first half of 2016. There's no indication of price or other details at this time.


Get into game development with free versions of both Unity and Unreal

Unreal Engine 4 and Unity 5, two of the dominant game development engines in the industry, are now both available for free to anyone interested in trying their hand at making games.


Origin's EON17-X shirks watt-sipping mobile silicon for an unbridled desktop chip

Want desktop-caliber performance in a laptop you can pick up and take with you? Origin’s EON17-X serves just that at a surprisingly tolerable price, but it doesn’t obliterate…

  • Pros: Excellent processor performance , Lots of connectivity…
  • Cons: Dull design , Iffy image quality without $50 calibration…

Tron Legacy director in talks for Gran Turismo movie

Tron Legacy and Oblivion director Joseph Kosinski is reportedly in talks to direct a feature film based on the Gran Turismo video game franchise.

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