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Make your clothes stain-repellant with Sofft hydrophobic fabric softener

Sofft, a wash-in hydrophobic fabric softener developed by an ex-Clorox engineer, is currently raising funds for production on Kickstarter. If successful, it might finally make stain-proof clothes a reality.


D-Link’s new smart plug ditches high-tech features for a lower pricetag

Rather than featuring any sort of cutting-edge and marginally useful new technology, D-Links new smart plugs boast something equally enticing: a lower price


Home Depot malware attack even bigger than Target’s, 56m payment cards affected

If you thought the Target security breach was big, wait till you hear about Home Depot's. The company said Thursday that information for "56 million unique payment cards" is at risk following a five-month malware attack on its point-of-sale systems.


IFTTT to add a new channel for the Revolv smart home hub

IFTTT, the service that allows you to link various web services together, is set to join forces with Revolv, the hub that links all your smart home devices together. This essentially flings the doors of possibility wide open for both platforms


Bio-reactive expiration labels could spell the end of spoiled food

Bump Mark, winner of the UK regional James Dyson Award, is a clever new expiration label that decays at the same rate as the food inside of a given package -- thereby giving you a better idea of when something has gone bad


GE’s new Green Bean module makes it easy to hack and customize appliances

Want to control your fridge or oven from your smartphone, but don't want to dish out big bucks for a fancy new smart appliance? Check out the Green Bean -- GE's $20 module designed for DIY appliance hacking


Recipe kit delivery startup HelloFresh now delivers to the entire US

After locking down a massive series D funding round back in June, HelloFresh has expanded its service to include every city in the contiguous United States -- making it the first startup of its kind to do so.


Control your entire smart home with Logitech’s powerful new Harmony remotes

With a hub that speaks almost every home automation protocol, and compatibility with over a quarter million devices, Logitech's new line of Harmony smart home gear might be just what the Internet of Things needs


Collar Perfect is the redesigned clothing iron we’ve all been waiting for

Much like a hair straightener, Collar Perfect features two heating elements that can be pressed together to eradicate wrinkles and creases in hard-to-reach areas


Work out at your workspace with the Glyder

Looking to sneak in some extra exercise while you sit at your desk all day? Check out The Glyder -- a clever under-desk resistance trainer that doesn't make any noise while you use it.


This modified Oculus Rift can make the floor transform in front of your eyes (without LSD!)

Using a top-mounted video camera and some custom-built software, this modified Oculus Rift headset can overlay new textures onto any flat surface

Cool Tech

EcoBee’s new smart thermostat can tell exactly what room you’re in

With the help of some accompanying presence sensors, the EcoBee3 smart thermostat can tell not only when you're home, but also what room you happen to be in


Sentido: A smarter light switch for a smarter home

With four multi-touch pads that can be programmed to perform different functions, the Sentido switch gives you a greater degree of control than a traditional flip switch


Slip a pair of Digitsoles in your shoes to track your steps, heat your feet

With winter approaching, Digitsoles have a proposition for step counting that’s even more appealing than a fitness band: smart footbeds that you can actually hit your feet by turning them on from a phone.


Keep an eye on your home (literally) with this creepy new motion sensor from Fibaro

Rather than rocking the same boring old security camera aesthetic you're used to, Fibaro's new motion sensor looks like a miniaturized Eye of Sauron. We're not sure if it'd be creepy or cool to mount on your ceiling.