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To sync the microwave and range, GE’s Chef Connect adds a dash of Bluetooth

GE's Chef Connect Bluetooth feature will be included in a new Profile range line and over-the-range microwave that can sync to eliminate common kitchen hassles in lighting, vents, and clocks.


Sony just launched its own version of Kickstarter filled with cool concept products

Sony has opened up First Flight, its own crowd-funding website where it hopes some of its more unusual projects will gain attention, and perhaps be successful enough to be put into production.

Cool Tech

These ridiculously strong fridge magnets can hold nearly six pounds each

Don't worry about anything coming off of your refrigerator or filing cabinet. Trintec Industries has released SuperMags, super-strong magnets that can hold up to six pounds of weight.


T.brush is an electric toothbrush with a cool design and long battery life

The T.brush amps up the way we brush our teeth with some cool designs, longer-lasting battery life, and USB-charging capabilities for travel. It's in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign.


NBC to Donald Trump: You’re fired.

NBC has cut ties with Donald Trump following his derogatory comments on Mexican immigrants. The network has announced that it will not air the Miss USA and Miss Universe, and Celebrity Apprentice will continue airing without Trump.

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This brick-laying robot can build an entire house in 2 days flat

An Australian engineer has developed a bricklaying robot that can lay 1,000 bricks an hour, work 24/7 and complete the shell of a brick home in just two days. Think of it as 3D printing on a grand scale.


More like a top porch: This structure sits next to a meadow on top of a six-story building

David Puchkoff wanted a porch, and there was only one place to put it: the roof of his six-story building. So, he sealed it, added some waterproofing membrane, added some plants, and made a meadow, too.


Home depot: This house used to be a train station

When your house used to be a train station, you have railroad ties on your front lawn and a ticket booth on your staircase. Train your eyes on this really cool home that used to house trains in the building out back.


Emergency Floor aims to give refugees protection from the ground

An Indiegogo campaign for Emergency Floor aims to help refugee health with a low-cost floor made from wooden shipping pallets and a flooring surface that can be fitted together on top.


It burns! How to survive the summer without an air conditioner

Summer has just started, and it's already so hot. Here are some tips and tricks on staying cool if you don't have an air conditioner, and you won't even have to take refuge in a movie theater.


This 3D-printed knife is designed for chefs but customized for you

Many chefs suffer from painful calluses on their hands because they hold their knives differently. NextGen knives' 3D-printing process enables you to get a customized knife that is modeled on your own hand and is designed for the chefs' technique.


Your home, their office: Vrumi lets people rent your place during the day

If your home sits empty all day and you're cool with strangers traipsing around inside, you might be interested in Vrumi, which is sort of like a reverse Airbnb: People rent your place for the day.


Ily is sort of like a smartphone for the whole home

Ily aims to return to the simplicity of the family phone with some modern upgrades, so grandparents and grandchildren can use it, and it even connects to old landlines (and Wi-Fi too).


Steve Wozniak welcomes his robot overlords, says the future no longer scares him

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is looking forward to a future where artificially intelligent beings of our creation are so clever, they are happy to keep us humans around, rather than destroying us. A subject that, he says, used to keep him awake at night.

Cool Tech

How to use Siri to control Apple HomeKit

If you like the idea of using an iPhone or iPad to control your home, Apple has just released some Siri commands for you to use to control the few HomeKit-compatible devices available.


Buying a house but unsure of the ‘hood? Airbnb lets you try before you buy

Realtor.com and Airbnb have teamed up to let potential home buyers test out different neighborhoods before they purchase their home, so they can get a feel for their new place's surroundings.


In 3 years, all your smart-home gadgets may speak Bluetooth

Bluetooth may be best known for connecting wireless speakers and smartwatches to your phone, but it's working hard to become the connection of choice for the smart home, and intends to make it more open and simpler for everyone.


Amazon’s voice assistant doesn’t just power Echo, she’s ready to take over other devices

Amazon's voice assistant Alexa is poised to take over every connected device and app with a new SDK for developers and device makers. Alexa also powers the Amazon Echo speaker, which is now available for purchase.


Teenage boys have finally figured out how to practice safe sex

Teenage boys in London came up with an idea of a condom that changes colors when in contact with sexually transmitted infections. It's only at the concept level, but could become a reality soon with the help of a condom company.

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Can a speaker the size of a Kleenex box really replace your surround system?

Acemile’s Theatre Box is a Bluetooth speaker that uses digital processing to spread sound out, giving it a spatial sound that makes it seem much larger than it is.

  • Pros: Shoots sound four directions , Can get very loud for its…
  • Cons: Ho-hum appearance , Distortion evident at highest volume…

Toilet of the future is flush with solar power, sensors

How do you build the toilet of the future, and one that can be used in developing countries where sanitation can be lacking? Researchers at Caltech took seven high-tech steps, including adding solar and sensors.

Cool Tech

Can’t bear to pair? The Twist light bulb plays music with Wi-Fi and AirPlay, not Bluetooth

Instead of pairing with Bluetooth like other light bulbs with speakers, the Twist light bulb is an LED light bulb that's controlled by AirPlay, so you can listen to your music over Wi-Fi.