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Don’t kick it to the curb: 11 things to do with your Christmas tree

Once you've taken all the decorations off, there's not much use for a Christmas tree, right? Wrong! There are plenty of ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle with your pine, spruce, or fir.


World Peas: What’s everyone having for Christmas dinner?

Is your goose cooked? This gallery takes a tour around the world to see what other countries, from Jamaica to Sweden, are eating for their Christmas dinners. Don't worry. We linked the recipes.


Sure it can turn iPhones to dust, but this blender makes a helluva smoothie, too

Will it blend? We find out as we fully review the Blendtec Designer 725 – one truly expensive blender.

  • Pros: Powerful motor , Touchscreen interface , Great preset…
  • Cons: Expensive , “Tweet this blend” prompts

Use an infrared thermometer to easily spot heat leaks in your house

Infrared thermometers are a cheap, easy, and effective tool you can use to check your home's insulation for leaks, and Porter Cable makes a great one. Read on to learn more about this home hack.


Keurig recalls millions of coffee makers that squirt users with boiling water

Keurig recently issued a recall for over seven million of its machines, following numerous reports that the coffee brewers have burned users with scalding-hot water.


Shopping for a sofa? This app will let you see it in 3D inside your house

When shopping for new furniture, one of the most difficult things is picturing how an unwieldily object will fit into your space. Loft's new app, Rooomy, lets you upload a photo of your room and get a 3D view of the furniture in your living room.


Pigeon lets you push photos to Grandma’s frame without her doing a thing

Instead of forcing your tech-challenged grandparents to load up the frame with new pictures themselves, Pigeon lets you and your family update the pics remotely via smartphone.


A Festivus for the rest of us! How to decorate for fictional holidays

There are so many made-up-for-TV holidays, from Chrismukkah to Festivus. Many of them fall around this time of year, so in case you feel the need to erect an unadorned aluminum pole, we'll tell you how to decorate for them.


Finally, drinking in the shower has gotten easier with this glass holder

SipCaddy holds your beer or wine for you in the shower. It attaches to a bunch of surfaces, so it works in other places besides the bathroom, but it truly was designed so you can drink in the shower.


Tech gifts for your pet

Your beloved pets might not understand the concept of holidays or gift-giving, but just like us humans, they love getting treats and toys to play with. And as anyone with a fuzzy family member will tell you, there’s nothing weird at all about buying gifts…

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Add Wi-Fi and HomeKit compatibility to your Roomba with this clever retrofit

Designed to replace the faceplate of your existing Roomba, Thinking Cleaner connects the bot to your home wireless network and gives it all the features and functionality that iRobot forgot to include


Hot, smelly, and handmade: A behind-the-scenes look at how Christmas decorations are made

This video profiles the city of Yiwu, China, where 60 percent of Christmas decorations are made. Somewhat surprisingly, they're mostly hand-assembled, instead of being mass-produced in a huge factory.


Home accessories holiday gift guide

The gift-giving season is upon us, and our wish list is long, especially when it comes to gadgets for the home. But since it’s better to give than to receive, we also have a bunch of cool home tech we want to bestow upon our loved ones. Need some…

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Do you hear that? Startup wants to make silent fridges and air conditioners

A startup just received $44 million in funding; Phononic uses semiconductors for refrigerators and wants to use them for air conditioners, too; this would make them much quieter.


Don’t remember the milk: In five years, a third of people will have smart fridges

Adoption of smart home devices is growing, and by 2019, most people expect to have at least one Internet-connected device in the house. This data comes from a recent survey of 2,000 people.


Diagnose ear infections at home with this low-cost smartphone accessory

CellScope has developed an innovative new smartphone attachment that essentially transforms your device into a fully-functioning, network-connected otoscope -- the medical device that doctors use to look inside of people's ears.


It's as sexy as a boiled potato, but Lowes' Iris system makes your home smarter

These may not be sexy gadgets, but Lowe’s Iris system might be the smartest path to a smart home.

  • Pros: A wide variety of compatible devices from third parties…
  • Cons: Requires a proprietary hub , Advanced features require a…

4 tech trends we’re going to see blow up at CES 2015

The 2015 CES, the biggest gadget show of the year, is mere weeks away. From wearables to the Internet of Things to smartphone cases galore, here's what we expect to see.


LoTR Litter: Two cats are the proud owners of a Hobbit-hole poop box

AWE me's Super Fan Builds made a Lord of the Rings litter box. Two cats will now be pooping in a gorgeous Hobbit-hole. Personally, we wouldn't let them wreck the Tower of Sauron scratching post, either.


Long-awaited Google Now voice controls might soon be coming to Nest

Based on some recently discovered features, it appears that Nest will soon integrate with Google Now, making temperature adjustments possible via spoken commands on your smartphone.


Rock out to this neighborhood’s amazing synchronized Christmas light display

A neighborhood in Yucaipa, California synchronized all their Christmas lights to flash in time to Trans-Siberian Orchestra's "Wizards of Winter." The video was taken by a drone, so... bonus points?


Double down on delicious with Frigidaire's Gallery Series double oven

Frigidaire’s Gallery Series double oven is spacious and sleek, offering plenty of room for any size meal.

  • Pros: Attractive , Spacious , Lots of rack options…
  • Cons: Temperature issues , Preheat not as fast as promised