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Bright idea? This multicolor smart lamp can display notifications and adapt to your music

Freshly launched on Kickstarter earlier today, Notti is a smart lamp that lights up when you get notifications, your alarm goes off, or you're listening to music.


Four machines, one motor: Troy-Bilt’s FLEX can be a lawnmower, snow-blower, and more

With Troy-Bilt's new modular FLEX line, instead of buying a standalone lawnmower, leaf blower, snowblower, etc; you simply buy one motor and then swap out the different attachments as needed.


uKeg is a pressurized growler that keeps your beer from going flat

With the help of an innovative pressurization cap, uKeg keeps your precious craft beer from losing its carbonation and going flat.

Cool Tech

Ubi, the voice-activated control system for your home, is finally out of beta

Following a hugely-successful Kickstartrer campaign and two years of closed beta testing, the voice-controlled ubiquitous computer known as Ubi is finally ready for general release


This camera could help your bathroom mirror know when you’re hungover

Imagine every connected device in your home being equipped with camera, which knew everything from your mood to your age, syncing up with an app on your phone to help make life better. That's what the Omron HVC-C camera could do in the future.


Keecker, the projector-packing robotic butler, is now on Kickstarter

Ever wanted a little R2D2-like robot that could follow you around the house and play movies and music wherever you go? Well good news -- Keecker does exactly that, and it's just launched on Kickstarter


August smart lock launches today, rolls out to Apple Stores this week

After a year of intensive development and equally intense hype, the long-awaited August Smart Lock goes on sale today. You can snag one up online, and later this week, in Apple Stores across the country


Think inside the box with these tricked-out shipping container homes

We not only found out that people apparently make homes out of shipping containers, we went out and found the most amazing ones ever built. These architectural feats will blow your mind.


SolarCity’s new MyPower plan makes cheap solar power more accessible than ever

SolarCity, the biggest solar provider in the US, has just rolled out a new payment plan that's part Power Purchase Agreement and part loan -- essentially giving you the best of both worlds


The Intel of things: How the chip giant plans to own IoT

Intel is trying to move swiftly to capitalize on its investment in the Internet of Things. Basis Science, the wearable smart watch company that the chip maker brought earlier this year for a reported $100 million, is set to launch a new device, and Intel is…

Cool Tech

Transform your smartphone into the ultimate power tool with Ryobi Phone Works

By leveraging all the high tech components you've already got in your smartphone, tools in Ryobi's Phone Works line are considerably cheaper than most standalone power tools


Yale's YRD240 deadbolt isn't just smart, it's friendly with other smart devices

We review Yale’s Real Living YRD240 Touchscreen Deadbolt, which offers both traditional touchscreen operation and Z-Wave compatibility, allowing it to interact with other…

  • Pros: Bright, responsive keypad , Broad compatibility , Quiet…
  • Cons: Relatively complex setup , Expensive

Tempescope shows you the weather outside by recreating it on your coffee table

Weather apps are one thing, but this gizmo that pulls forecast data from the Internet and recreates it on your desk is a completely different beast.