Online dating vs. online gaming: Are gamers really forever alone? (infographic)


Despite the fact that the gaming industry brought in about $16.5 billion dollars in the US during 2011 (about $6 billion more than all North American box office sales), gamers still have a stigma as being cave-dwelling anti-socialites with zero dating skills. This is especially true for online gamers, who spend their hours with titles like World of Warcraft. But a look at the user profile of gamers versus that of people who use online dating sites paints a very different picture.

This nifty infographic (below), produced by oddly-named infographic powerhouse Online University, shows just how inaccurate our picture of the “forever alone” gamer really is. In fact, one survey’s results suggest that you’d have a better chance finding a significant other by playing WoW than you would by joining — not to mention that you’d likely have a far better time in the process.

Check out the infographic below:

Gamers Get Girls
Created by: Online University

[Lead image via CREATISTA/Shutterstock]

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