New York City’s Hurricane Sandy images go viral on Instagram, Twitter

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Since many of us living along the path of Hurricane Sandy were ordered to stay put in our homes yesterday, plenty took to Instagram and Twitter to share updates of what they saw happening in their neighborhoods. Instagram easily became one of the quickest ways to illustrate Sandy’s devastation, and here’s a rundown of what happened last night that quite literaly blew us away.


  2. Even before Hurricane Sandy made landfall in the tri-state area, residents reported flooding all over downtown New York and Brooklyn. In particular, Battery Park and all tunnels in the area were hit with 13-foot surges.
  3. please be kind to us, #sandy i hope everyone is staying safe and sound.
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 19:38:59

  4. The water came up to my knees when I joined my neighbors on the front stoop.
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 17:09:48
  5. By the time Sandy hit New York City at nightfall, most of lower Manhattan was underwater and power was steadily going out below 34th street. This was likely due in part to an explosion at the Con Edison power plant on 14th street.
  6. And the lights go out in the Village.
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 17:45:37
  7. One of the more powerful illustrations of lower Manhattan’s power outage was this shot show one half of the city lit up while the other was left in the dark.
  8. MegRobertson
    Across the street from 92 8th Avenue where building facade collapse just happened. (ok to use, plz credit me)
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 16:16:40
  9. Around 7 p.m., Sandy tore off the facade of a building on 8th Avenue between 14th and 15th street, revealing an unoccupied apartment. No one was injured in the accident, thankfully.
  10. Jane’s carousel is basically an island now. Poor horses.
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 18:45:09
  11. A haunting photograph shows Jane’s Carousel, a famous attraction in DUMBO, stranded in the flood.
  14. By morning, Instagrammers were able to better assess the damages in their neighborhoods. Many spotted fallen trees and caved in pavements, and others reported seeing cars float away in the flood. As of this morning, at least 16 lives were claimed by Sandy across the United States, including a woman in Queens who was electrocuted after stepping into a puddle of water.
  17. Rainbow touches down in lower Manhattan #hurricane #sandy
    Tue, Oct 30 2012 06:53:20
  18. But at the end of it all, hope is not lost. Though the city has a long recovery ahead, this rainbow gives a glimpse of a new day for us to move on from the Frankenstorm that was.

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