Klout offers ‘real life perks’ by granting VIP access to Los Angeles nightclub

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If you’re a social media mogul, you’ve probably heard of Klout, the free online service that measures your influence on your Web followers. While most will still question the authority Klout has to make such analysis, others know the site best for rewarding random perks for certain high scores or topics of influence. For example, I most recently cashed in on a $10 gift card to T-Mobile for being influential in mobile devices. But that was a few months ago, and I haven’t logged onto the site since.

To get more people interested in using Klout again, a nightclub in Los Angeles will reward a “real life” perk for maintaining a high Klout score. Members with scores of 50 and higher can gain entrance to the Playhouse Nightclub in Hollywood and receive VIP treatment on the house. According to Klout, having a score higher than 50 qualifies you as “being a thought leader in your specific business,” therefore that earns you the right to be treated like royalty. We still think it would be a bit embarrassing to whip out your smartphone before entering a club to show off your Klout score and gain special entrance.

While the concept and introduction of real life perks could be more enticing, the start at Playhouse Nightclub seems random, to say the least. It also isn’t that difficult to become a VIP at the particular club, since Playhouse Nightclub’s website simply asks you to join a mailing list to be added to its VIP list. We also have to wonder: If nightclubs and bars begin adopting such real life Klout perks, will this mean these establishments will be filled with less douchebags, more Klouchebags? It sure would be more hilarious, and perhaps awkward, to see a bunch of bloggers and journalists partying it up in the VIP section regardless of how flashy they’re dressed.

Still, the idea is a work in progress, and if Klout begins introducing more perks that people can use at local establishments, this might be a nice way to get people to care about keeping up a Klout score and influence just to earn a little freebie every once in a while. After all, who doesn’t like a good deal?