Panorama carpet can shape-shift into fitness accessories

Panorama Carpet

As you might have been able to tell from my narrative on that one time I tried a waterless surfing workout class, exercising in public is generally a little embarrassing for me. I have a constant fear that my classmates are judging my lack of stamina, my face gets sweaty and red, and I can’t tuck in my belly fat like I normally would in public when I’m doing crunches. With the Panorama carpet set, I can finally workout from home without expensive gym equipments.

Panorama Carpet Furniture turned Exercise MachinePerfect for someone who does a lot of standalone exercises, the Panorama transform your living room from lounge to workout session in seconds. The footrest section can be bent to an upside-down V so you can stretch out your back in a bow pose, and the soft mat can turn into a small arc to help you do sit-ups. The ends of the carpet are normally pushed up as seating, but you can put these aside for lateral push-ups on the base.

This shapeshifting is possible thanks to the slots in the base that allow users to change the carpet into their desired workout accessory. The cushions are the same material you use to relax with as a living room, so they should also feel pretty good on your back when you exercise on them.

“Flexible, the central element allows to work on abdominal oblique muscles or the six pack,” the Panorama product page states. “The height can be adjusted to dose the effort and the difficulty.”

Of course, the only concern we’d have is still sweating out onto these cushions. Unless the covers are made with water-resistant fabric, the Panorama carpet set would suffer a major flaw if it retains such smell.

Developed by students Batia Bertho, Marjorie Broudieu and Salomé Le Lay from L’Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique, the Panorama also has other living room functionalities such as holes from the backrest on which users can fasten a lamp, a tablet, or a book holder. The carpet recently showed at the Casual Fitness exhibition during Fuorisalone at Ventura Lambrate in France last month, but it is unclear whether the product will ever make it into mass production.

What do you think of home furniture that transform into a fitness room? Would you prefer such double functionality in your living room, or will you just stick with a trusty gym membership?