Samsung unveils Smart Cam streaming home monitoring system for iOS, Android


Samsung Techwin America announced at today’s CES Unveiled 2012 press show its new Smart Cam home monitoring system. The 1.3-megapixel, Wi-Fi-connected camera allows user to keep tabs on their home, children, pets or elderly family members remotely by streaming video directly to their smartphone.

In addition to its ability to stream audio and “high-definition” (640×480 resolution, 30fps) video to iOS and Android devices, or a PC, via a peer-to-peer network, the Smart Cam is advertised as having the easiest set-up of any of this new breed of low-cost home monitoring systems. Simply click a button on the Smart Cam, then the WPS button on your Wi-Fi router, and you’re ready to start keeping tabs.

Users can also set up audio and video sensor notifications, which alert the user anytime their device is triggered. The device, which can be mounted to a wall, or just set on a shelf, can also be set up to automatically record anytime the device’s sensors are activated, and upload the content to a private YouTube account for later viewing. Night-vision recording is also available thanks to the Smart Cam’s non-visible infrared LEDs, which are effective up to 15 feet.

While there are a number of other comparable products out there, the easy set-up of the Smart Cam really does seem to us like the best aspect of this device. We weren’t able to set up a new one ourselves, of course, but the process already sounds infinitely more simple than comparable devices, like the iZon, which is also only available for iOS devices.

The Samsung Smart Cam will be available in March for $150.

Check out a weird press video of the Smart Cam below:

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