The Camera Cooler: A lunch bag for grownup photographers

the camera cooler a lunch bag for grownup photographers poler

Remember in elementary school when your lunch bag was somewhat of a fashion statement? It was cool if you had the one with holograms or the awesome superheroes, but embarrassing if your mom got you that one with the weird hippie flowers or the bright neon colors. Lunch bags are making a comeback for adults, and in this case with the Camera Cooler, it’ll also hold your grownup toy.

the camera cooler a lunch bag for grownup photographers packedAs a multipurpose bag, the Camera Cooler will not only store your DSLR camera, lens, and other accessories, you can also alternate the bag to pack lunch or a six pack (blue icy packs suggested but not included). The internal padding separates the compartments and keep the equipments from rubbing against one another, while side pockets make for perfect smartphone or tablet storage. Removable straps also let you choose to either wear it around your shoulder or hold it like a traditional lunch bag. Lastly, we’re digging the classic canvas design since it’s so easy to match with any outfit.

While you can alternate between using the Camera Cooler as either a camera bag or a lunch bag, product retailer Poler suggest you don’t store electronics and food in the bag at the same time. While the padding can help hold in the cool, it’s not entirely waterproof so spillage can damage your goods if they’re both stuffed in the same compartment.

Standing at 11 by 6 by 7 inches, the Camera Cooler comes in two color choices, black or orange, and costs $50. With the heat wave ravaging most of the United States, it might be a good idea to have a portable and stylish cooler at your disposal for a cold drink that’s always on the go. Of course, of the Camera Cooler doesn’t strike your photographer fancy, you can always consult our camera bag guide.