The GTech AirRam vacuum cleaner compresses dirt into cubes, Wall-E style

the gtech airram vacuum cleaner compresses dirt into cubes wall e style

There’s something about an English accent and vacuum cleaners that just fits so right — a la Dyson. But the company might have a bit of a competition from a new cordless vacuum cleaner that can compress the dirt you pick up into disposable cubes, so everything gets properly tossed away.

The GTech AirRam claims to be the highest performing cordless vacuum cleaner on the market, with full power charged onto a Li-ion battery to last 40 minutes of cleaning. Using 100 watts of electricity, the AirRam needs about 20 times less power than traditional vacuum cleaners and it works on all types of surfaces, from wood to carpet. It also doesn’t need bag replacement because the vacuum sucks up the dirt into small bales the shape of the inside container. This helps for you to throw the mess out at the end of the cleaning session and prevent dusty flyaways. According to GTech, the compression gives the AirRam the same dirt capacity as a Dyson DC24. This type of technology would be great for those extremely allergic to dust and other particles, especially during this spring season.

With its thin design, the AirRam is also lightweight and convenient for cleaning under tables and couches, and can turn at a 28 degrees angle for maximum steering flexibility. The low power usage can help you save approximately $400 in energy bills based on three hours of use per week. If you’re even more interested in how green the AirRam can be, you can also plug the vacuum cleaner to your computer via a USB to see how much electricity was saved. It’ll even report how much calories you burned by pushing the AirRam around your house, giving cleaners everywhere an added incentive. After reading that you could die by sitting around too much, it might be a good idea to start doing small exercises while keeping your house dust-free.

With its ability to function like the lovable Wall-E by compressing dirt yet look like it’s the byproduct of its relationship with Eve, the GTech AirRam is a stylish tool for every home. The AirRam is available in the United Kingdom for £229, or from Gtech in the U.S. for $299. The only thing it seems to be missing is a detachable extension to clean tighter spaces and higher locations. Price comparison-wise, the Dyson DC24 retails for $400.

Will you go green and try out this new technology or stick with the classic and reliable Dyson cleaner? The choice is all yours.