We Are Hunted: intuitive music charts

we are hunted intuitive music charts

We Are Hunted, launched in April 2009, is a music site that tracks the 99 most buzzed about emerging songs online every day. A collaboration from Native Digital and Wotnews of Australia, We Are Hunted uses an intuitive web interface that gathers data from blogs, forums, and social networks to generate a digital music chart of the day.

Instead of traditional album or online charts that track purchases and downloads, We Are Hunted keeps track of what people are talking about, whether they end up buying the music or not. The goal of the website is to help visitors discover new music quickly and easily. The clean and visually appealing design of the website is a breeze to navigate and will give you an overview of hot tracks or artists in just a few clicks.

The site separates the charts by “emerging” and “popular,” ensuring that talk about that new Kings of Leon song doesn’t get mixed in with hype about a new Ra Ra Riot album. If you click on an artist, the website also provides artist info, tracks to play, news, tour dates, and twitter feeds.

Not a bad way to keep up with all the music buzz on the web, if you ask us. Get yourself in the know over at We Are Hunted.