With Autospense, getting high off medical marijuana is just a vending machine away

Autospense Marijuana Vending Machine

The purpose of vending machines is to offer you the items you theoretically want any hour of the day at your most convenient, especially when shops are closed and no one is around to sell you anything. Is such the case with medical marijuana? DispenseLabs seems to think so with this release of Autospense, a vending machine that distributes medical marijuana 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

But don’t get too excited just yet. Autospense will likely be placed in pharmacies and other medical facilities and it will require some authentication to prove you actually need the weed. The machine will be in a camera monitored room where patients will have to scan an access card to get inside. To activate the vending machine, patients will also have to insert a registration card and perform a finger print scan just to get through to the menu. If they are eligible, patients can then use the touchscreen to find the marijuana they need before the machine spins over the item requested and accepts payments by debit, credit, or cash. The pre-packaged box of marijuana won’t pop down like bottles of soda though. You’ll have to open the locked door to retrieve the box like getting an item out of a safe, but once you have it you can be sure the quality of marijuana is fresh and well-preserved inside the machine.

“Autospense, a stand-alone machine embedded with a customized software solution, aims to become the model for government compliance and will bridge the gap between storeowners and governmental agencies with its accurate tracking and management of medical marijuana,” said Joe DeRobbio, founder and CEO of DispenseLabs. “In addition to improving financial accountability and security for storeowners and patients alike, Autospense addresses issues at the state and federal level with 24/7 tracking and electronic reporting capabilities.”

Autospense is currently legally selling medical marijuana in Santa Ana, California with DispenseLabs hoping other states will soon approve the machine for their weed-needing residents. The machine complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act to ensure privacy and is doing its best to reduce mishandling and theft. Hopefully Autospense won’t encourage drug dealing to be even more accessible, though it already seems like an inadvertent marketing ploy given that the press release came out on 4/20. And if drug stores and grocery shops are robbed all the time, we can only hope the room that contains the Autospense is secure enough for raging addicts to not bust in and run away with many boxes of a variety of weed.

“What goes in, what comes out, it’s documented and there’s no way to subvert that,” DeRobbio said. Good luck with that! 

Watch the video below to see how Autospense works.