Siemens Introduces ST60 Mobile Phone

Siemens has launched its new and slinky Siemens ST60, a successor to the company’s ST55 which only found its way to store shelves late in the fourth quarter of 2003. The phone captures and sends video, has a digital camera with 4x zoom and a 15-bit display capable of showing 65,536 colors.
At 87 grams, the lightweight ST60 offers a wide range of features contained in a metallic finish, including what may be a European first as the handset not only shoots still pictures but also captures video. The camera offers 4x digital zoom, and whether

The Siemens ST60 also hosts a range of what Siemens dubs ‘life management’ tools, including an e-mail client, detailed address book, organizer with reminder functions, currency converter, calculator and more. These, as well as other functions, are accessed by the handset’s 5-way joystick navigator.

Users can also personalize the ST60, either through composing their own, unique 40-tone polyphonic ring tones, or download tones and J2ME applications courtesy of the phone’s WAP 2.0 browser and its GPRS support. Also bundled are J2ME-based strategy and action games such as the arcade classic Tetris for gaming fans.

Accessories for the ST60 will include a Headset PTT, a serial Data Cable, a 750 mAh Lithium Ion battery and an EU or UK charger. The Siemens ST60 itself will be available across Europe from January 2004, according to Siemens.

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