‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’ new roundup

With its release on November 5, the former heavyweight gaming champion of the world will attempt to regain its title from upstart challenger, Grand Theft Auto 5. For the last four consecutive years, Call of Duty has sat atop the gaming throne in terms of sales, until this year when GTAV went and shattered – not just beat, but shattered – its records.

That brings up the most important question: who cares?

Activision would certainly love to get back the record, considering that part of that record includes reaching a billion dollars in sales (GTAV set the record at 3 days), but Ghosts is going to do well regardless. People are going to buy it in droves and play it a ton. As ever, there will be people that love it and people that hate it. If you are a gamer though, it is good news for the industry as a whole to see such massive successes. And to think some people claimed the gaming industry was in decline.

With that in mind, we offer a look at everything we know about Call of Duty: Ghosts. We will continue to add news, hints, guides, and plenty more, so check back often.

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