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Sprint Introduces Customer-Friendly Billing

From Sprint’s press release:

The new Sprint PCS Fair & Flexible Plan is the wireless industry’s first pricing plan available to customers nationwide that adjusts automatically to meet a customer’s usage month to month while eliminating high overage charges. It is the first of many changes that illustrate the company’s transformation to a customer-facing organization. Taking its cue from the customer, Sprint has shattered wireless industry norms by launching a plan that responds directly to customers’ desires for the industry to change things for the better.

“Sprint’s heritage of innovation comes to life in our new plan and represents a bold departure from standard industry practices,” said Len Lauer, the company’s president and chief operating officer. “Today’s changes are expected to provide the foundation upon which Sprint continues to grow its strong competitive position and deliver strong financial performance. With this new offering complementing our lineup of traditional priced plans, we expect to add to our share of customer decisions and sustain our strong average revenue per customer.”

The Sprint PCS Fair & Flexible Plan represents an entirely new way to buy wireless and is built on the tenet that people should not have to guess how many minutes they will use. Customers won’t pay penalizing overage anymore for going over their minutes, and they won’t pay too much for plans with hundreds of minutes they never use.

Further evidence of Sprint’s commitment to improving the total customer experience is its investment in the network, initiatives to dramatically improve customer service and the expansion of its Sprint Store locations.

Sprint PCS Fair & Flexible is a tiered pricing plan providing a base 300 Anytime Minutes for $35 a month, then automatically adds more Anytime Minutes in 25- or 50-minute increments for just $2.50. (Pricing may vary.)

“Many customers who have varying phone usage from month to month or experience high overage charges will find value in the Sprint PCS Fair & Flexible Plan,” Lauer said. “Because it will alleviate many of the issues customers have had with traditional wireless plans, Sprint believes the long-term customer loyalty will become even stronger. “

In the old wireless world, new customers were treated differently from current customers. Beyond a new pricing strategy, Sprint has taken a holistic look at the way it treats all of its customers, old and new. Sprint has changed this practice for the better