DT Deals: Command your music without taking your hands off the wheel

dt deals command your music without taking hands off the wheel wireless car kit

There’s a lot of things we’re not supposed to do that we do anyway: Wiping glasses with the ends of our shirt, taking one too many shots of liquor, multi-tasking while driving. Oh that last one? Yeah, let us help you with that, especially since you could be a danger to passengers and other members of the road when you’re not driving carefully. Today’s DT Deals offers up the Universal Handsfree Car Kit to turn your smartphone into something that’s compatible to your car’s speakers. Just mount the microphone kit into your car, plug it into the cigarette lighter, and connect the auxiliary cord to your mobile device. Now you can command FM radio stations or play music off from your phone’s library, Pandora, Spotify, and more.

The Universal Handsfree Car Kit retails for $50, but we’re selling it for $19. If you ask us, $19 is very little to spend for extra attentiveness to spend while you’re commanding the wheel.