DC Comics releases new mobile apps to expand ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ universe

dc comics releases new mobile apps to expand the dark knight rises universe darkknightprologueIn what may appear to be a somewhat later than ideal release, DC Comics today announced two new mobile apps that tie in with Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises movie, offering fans a chance to learn just a little bit more about their favorite characters from the final act of the cinematic trilogy.

While one of the two apps repurposes existing material – The Batman Origins app, which DC describes as “featur[ing] the original comic origins for all of the stars from the Dark Knight trilogy and links to the most up-to-date sources about THE DARK KNIGHT RISES film”; instead of the “original” comic origins, what is actually available from the app are origin stories that have been created in the last few years for print in the 52 and Countdown miniseries from the publisher, as well as online use – what may be of more interested to both fans of the movie and more hardcore Batfans in general is the second app, which goes by the functional name ofThe Dark Knight Rises: Prologue.

DC describes that app as offering “an exclusive motion-comic from writer Joshua Williamson and artist Jorge Jimenez that serves as a prologue to THE DARK KNIGHT RISES film,” as well as the pre-requisite “social media share options and links to other apps tied to the film.” This marks not only the first time that DC has created original comic material that ties in with any of the Christopher Nolan series – Comic book versions of the various Tim Burton-era movies exist, and there was a series of print prologues to tie in with last year’s Green Lantern release, but oddly the Dark Knight series has remained unaffiliated with the comic format outside of as source material – but the first time that DC has released individual apps to tie in with multimedia releases.

DC has found success outside of its core comic store audience with digital releases in recent months; its digital comic series Smallville Season 11, which follows the continuity of the decade-long run of the CW series starring Tom Welling, has proven to be a surprisingly strong seller through the publisher’s DC Comics app as well as the multi-publisher ComiXology storefront and app, and titles in its regular DC Universe line have continued to build a fanbase through digital sales without print sales seemingly being affected.

Both the Batman Origins and The Dark Knight Rises: Prologue app are sponsored by Nokia and only available through Nokia Windows Phones; the publisher has not given any information about whether any future releases for other platforms are planned, or if the Joshua Williamson and Jorge Jimenez prologue material will be made available in print at any point.