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A stealthy battery upgrade makes the Nintendo Switch a must-have console

The Nintendo Switch is the most inventive gaming device in recent memory, and may be the best-looking console Nintendo has ever built. Here's our complete review.
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Nintendo Switch Lite review

Light, comfortable, and boasting better battery life than the original, Nintendo’s new Switch Lite is the best dedicated handheld console ever built by Nintendo.
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Xbox One S All-Digital Edition review: No-Disc Dystopia

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition removes the disc drive and lowers the cost as a result, but the money you save now isn’t worthwhile in the long run.

Sony PlayStation 4 review

After nearly a year of buildup and hype, Sony’s next-generation console is finally here. Or at least it is mostly here, and leaves an IOU for more to come.

Ouya Review

The Ouya has become the darling of the gaming community thanks to its crowdfunding approach and open door policy to developers, not to mention the low $99 price tag. But is it worth it?
5 crazy successful kickstarters that didnt live up to the hype ouya console press

Nintendo Wii U review

Delivering graphics on par with the Xbox 360 and PS3, can Nintendo's successor to the Wii succeed based solely on the promise of its unique GamePad?
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Nintendo 3DS XL Review

Nintendo’s 3DS XL offers a bigger screen and more ergonomic design than its predecessor, and it will only cost you the price of one game to upgrade.

Sony PlayStation Vita Review

Sony’s handheld gaming device is clearly the most technically superior gaming device that you can throw in your pocket.

Nintendo 3DS Review

Review: The Nintendo 3DS is simply a fun device with a lot of promise. Unfortunately, we will have to wait a bit to see much of that promise realized, but the potential is definitely there.

Nintendo DSi XL Review

We review the Nintendo DSi XL which offers 93 percent more screen area then the DS Lite and all the features of the DSi, but in a bigger package.
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Sony PSP Go Review

Nintendo DSi Review

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