DT Deals: $20 gets your iPhone 5 a double layer jacket for fall

dt deals 20 gets your iphone 5 a double layer jacket for fall lunatik iphone5 case

Just because you’ve had fun all summer, that doesn’t mean the Instagram feeds stop when school begins. Go back to school in style with a new Lunatik Flak case for your iPhone 5. The dual-layer jacket is double the protection for your gear. The Flak’s outer shell is a soft, lightweight material that’s easy on the hands while an inner, hard shell keeps your phone scratch-free. Now that you don’t have to worry about dropping and breaking your phone, you can keep snapping pictures all year long for a slew of new, vintage-filtered memories.

The Lunatik Flak usually sells for $35, but DT Deals is slashing 43 percent off so it’s all yours for just $20. Trust us, you’ll want to save every penny toward textbooks and other school supplies.

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