Win a custom-designed dress shirt through ShirtsMyWay!

win a custom designed dress shirt through shirtsmyway

Some stores like to boast that they can offer a wide variety of options, but ShirtsMyWay might have them all beat. The idea is simple and elegant: You go to the website, use the “design my shirt” feature on the website, and create a shirt of your choosing. Here’s the extraordinary part — there are over 7 trillion possible combinations to create a fitted dress shirt that is one of a kind. Seven. Trillion.

Although the 7 trillion combinations is a neat figure to boast, it is really a byproduct of the actual purpose of the website, namely designing a fitted dress shirt that perfectly fits your style and your body. The step-by-step section of the website will ask you to choose your preferred fabric and color, the type of dress shirt you want, the button and collar type you would like, and even the color of the buttons. Once you have the look you want, you then enter in your measurements, and your creation will be ready to go. Each shirt can cost anywhere from $75 to $105, so you can be assured that the quality of fabric and material is top notch.

win a custom designed dress shirt through shirtsmyway shirtsmyway2

“Our main focus is actually not on offering trillions of men’s custom dress shirts, but making the process of buying and designing them fun, simple, and fast by using our interactive shirt model and free global delivery offering,” Danish founders Michael Yang and Peter Crawford claim on the site. “That said, a high quality level is also a top priority.”

Looking to get your hands on your own spiffy, custom-designed shirt? Digital Trends and ShirtsMyWay will hold a drawing next month to give away a $300 gift card to create your own custom dress shirts. To enter, head over to the ShirtsMyWay Facebook page and “like” the page. Once that is done, head back to this post, and add a comment listing what your favorite type of fabric is from the ShirtsMyWay website, and that’s it, you will be entered to win!

The contest will begin today on September 10, and last until October 15. Good luck!