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Samsung might be working on the Galaxy Home Mini 2

Samsung is reportedly working on a new version of its Galaxy Home Mini smart speaker, according to a recent report by SamMobile. The updated Galaxy Home Mini 2 is expected to be the successor to the Galaxy Home Mini, which was introduced in 2019 and saw only a limited release shortly after its unveiling.

Rumors suggest the next-generation Galaxy Home Mini will feature a display, moving it away from its speaker roots and possibly turning it into a smart display or communication device like the Amazon Echo Show. Details on the Galaxy Mini 2 design are sparse, but speculation suggests the device could resemble the existing Galaxy Mini or possibly even the Google Home Hub. The device is projected to launch with the model number SM-V320.

Samsung’s launch of a smart speaker is a long time coming. The South Korean company unveiled the first Galaxy Home smart speaker in 2018, but the device never made it to the market. The company followed up with the Galaxy Home mini in 2019, but only launched the device in its home country of South Korea. Samsung released just a limited number of these mini speakers to consumers for testing purposes.

It was widely believed the South Korean company would use feedback from this trial to produce a commercial retail product better-suited to customer needs. We still don’t know when or where Samsung will debut its rumored Galaxy Home Mini 2 smart speaker. Rumors also suggest the Galaxy Home Mini 2 will debut only in South Korea again, but in larger numbers than the original Home Mini. Though less likely, the company also could be aiming for a global launch of a product that’ll compete with the Google Nest and the Apple HomePod mini.

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