DT Deals: Burn, convert, back up media with Nero 11

Nero 11 DT Deals

So you’re nearing that point in your computer’s life where it’s crying for you to clear some hard drive space because you’ve got too many movies, pictures, and songs. We know the feeling, those files take up a lot of room. You could back them up on cloud services, but to be safe, physical copies never hurt. That’s why today’s DT Deals offers the Nero 11 Windows software to help you manage your media files. You can use it to edit and create CDs, burn DVDs or photo books, and restore files with ease. 

Today’s deal offers the Nero 11 at just $34 from the full price of $100. We know it’s an older version, but it still works! If you must have a platinum edition, you can also purchase the Nero 11 Platinum for $50 – 61 percent off the retail value of $130.