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Goodbye, camera roll! Snapchat launches Memories, a way to search your past snaps

Snapchat may be known for its disappearing messages, however the social media app now wants you to save pictures to look at later using Memories, its attempt at a camera-roll replacement.
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Suunto wants to make a dent in the sports-watch market with the Spartan Sport

Suunto is hoping to make a dent in the sports-watch market with the Spartan Sport, a fitness tracking watch that has GPS and a focus on design that makes the Spartan Sport sleeker than most sports watches.

Microsoft's Thinga.Me app turns images of real-world stuff into digital objects

Thinga.Me, the product of Microsoft's experimental Garage division, uses photo recognition to let you turn real-world objects into digital collections. It's available in beta on iOS.

Want free Wi-Fi access for six months? Download Boingo's app via Amazon Underground

If you download Boingo's app via Amazon Underground, you'll get a six-month subscription to Boingo's Wi-Fi hot spots around the country. That means no more paying fees after only using a half hour of free internet access.

Get more out of your stylish Sony with these Xperia X tips and tricks

If you’ve snagged yourself a stylish new Sony smartphone, then you’ll want to unlock its abilities. Check out these Xperia X tips and tricks to find out what it can do.

Ilumi’s Smartstrip can light up the night with LEDs controlled via smartphone

Ilumi's Smartstrip, the "industry's first" multicolor LED lighting strip certified for outdoor use, can achieve an impressive range of hues and tones. It launches on Kickstarter first, with broader availability to come in December .

LG is preparing to build flexible POLED displays for cars

LG has started planning to ramp up production of the plastic OLED, or POLED display, which will eventually be used in the building of devices like wearables, phones, and even in cars.

Catch ’em all! Pokémon Go is rolling out to Android and iOS right now

Surprise! Pokémon Go has begun rolling out to both Android and iOS in certain markets. While some can't access the game just yet, it should show up at some point in the very near future.

Blu Energy XL is a beast of a phone that packs a 5,000mAh beast of a battery

Blu unveiled the Energy Xl, the company's latest unlocked phone that you likely won't hold one-handed, but also likely won't need to charge for a while. The Energy XL is currently available for purchase through Amazon.
Cool Tech

The Zore X smart gun lock will notify your phone if your firearm gets moved

The Zore X smart gun lock lets you unlock your gun remotely via a mobile app, and can even alert you if a person is tampering with your weapon. Its Indiegogo campaign has already raised 294 percent of its funding goal with month…

Fix for OnePlus 3's screen, RAM issues will be delayed

Reviews of the OnePlus 3 have so far been pretty good, but there have been some issues. Both the RAM and screen issues will be fixed in an upcoming update, despite the fact that co-founder Carl Pei isn't too happy about reviews.

“HummingBad,” a new Android malware, has infected more than 10 million devices

"HummingBad," a new Android malware, has infected more than 10 million devices worldwide, according to a new report by cybersecurity firm Check Point. It's generating more than $4 million a year in fraudulent advertising revenue.