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Kindle Fire ‘sold out’ ahead of Sept. 6 Amazon event: Kindle Fire 2 coming soon?

Amazon has more-or-less confirmed that a new Kindle Fire will be announced next week.

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Amazon launches Android Appstore in Europe: UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain

Amazon has launched the Android Appstore in Europe. People in the UK, Germany, Italy, France, and Spain can now shop for apps on Amazon.

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Lenovo expands its line of Android tablets

Lenovo topped off its IFA 2012 fall announcements with two new tablets and the return of the keyboard dock.

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New Desire X joins HTC’s gang of budget Android phones

HTC has announced the Desire X, a new budget Android phone with a 4-inch screen, a dual-core processor and Android 4.0.

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Samsung unveils bigger, more sensitive Galaxy Note 2

Today at IFA, Samsung showed off the Galaxy Note 2, a brand new version of its popular 'phablet' phone, which has become a hit on AT&T.

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Samsung unveils the Android Galaxy Camera

Samsung just unveiled the Galaxy Camera at IFA in Berlin. The company wants to meet your desire to take high quality professional pictures and share them.

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Sony Xperia Tablet S impressions: Cool features, lame price

We go hands on with Sony's new Xperia Tablet S, which comes with an IR TV remote app, a guest mode for kids, and a keyboard cover.

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Sony announces Xperia T, V, and J Android phones

Sony has just announced three new Android smartphones at IFA 2012 – the flagship Xperia T, the slightly smaller Xperia V, and the budget Xperia J.

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Is Android really at risk? Why Apple might not sue Google

Does the verdict in the Samsung vs Apple case mean that Google is next? We take a look at how Apple might proceed and why it wouldn't sue Google.

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Watch out Sony and Nintendo, here comes the Archos GamePad

Archos has announced the GamePad, a 7-inch Android tablet with a set of hardware gaming controls, due for release in October.

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LG extends its fashionable L-Series Android smartphone range with the Optimus L9

LG has announced the dual-core Optimus L9, a new addition to its L Series family of attractive Android smartphones.

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Mozilla rolls out Firefox 15, updated Android tablet app

Continuing to focus on the development of the modern Web browser, Mozilla launched Firefox 15 with significant improvements.

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Sony Xperia P Review

Sony’s Xperia P is a step up in design, and makes a good choice if you're shopping for a smaller smartphone.

  • Pros: Super bright WhiteMagic screen , Compact size is a plus…
  • Cons: Button layout uncomfortable , Android 4.0 update still…

Google advertises Nexus 7 on homepage — why now?

Google has brushed aside its no-ad rule to promote the Nexus 7 table on the homepage. Why, and why now?

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Will Apple patents stifle innovation?

Will Apple's patent victories encourage competitors to try harder, or stunt the growth of the industry by closing off avenues for improvement?

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