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This is what Tencent’s version of Android Wear looks like on a circular smartwatch

China's Tencent, which owns the WeChat messaging app and the QQ social network, has announced a new mobile operating system called TOS+. Now, early pictures have shown how it'll look running on a circular smartwatch.

LG G4 vs. iPhone 6 Plus: Our in-depth comparison

The LG G4 is here, and it has entered a considerably crowded battlefield. One one side, it's facing the HTC One M9 and the Galaxy S6, while on the other, it's the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. We pit it against the latter in a round of early…

Motorola ordered to cough up $10 million to Fujifilm for patent infringement

Motorola was ordered by a jury in San Francisco to pay Fujifilm $10 million in damages related to patent infringement. According to Motorola, the company is looking for a way to dispute the damages.

Google Now expanding to third party applications

Google is opening up its Google Now voice command feature to developers for use in third-party applications. While current implementation is limited, Google Now will be expanding in the coming months.

Low demand for the One M9 is to blame for HTC’s depressing April

HTC posted its lowest revenue for the month of April in six years. The slump is largely believed to be due to poor One M9 phone sales. Analysts predict that HTC won't reach its smartphone shipment target in 2015.
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Mlais M52 Red Note Review

With this much power for $150, the Mlais M52 defies 'you get what you pay for'

HTC One Mini and One Mini 2 won’t get update to Android Lollipop

Responding to questions over Twitter, HTC has said that neither the HTC One Mini or the HTC One Mini 2, which is barely a year old, will be getting software updates to the latest version of Android.
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These are the 5 apps you need to download this week

It's more difficult than ever to seek out the best new apps released each week, even if you have the will to trawl through the app store on a regular basis. To make life easier, we've gathered our favorite app picks together in a handy…

DT Giveaway: Dive face-first into virtual reality with this LG G3 and VR headset

We're giving away the LG G3 and its companion VR headset in this great raffle. The G3 was one of the best smartphones of 2014, and its specs still hold up against the competition today.

Non-wedding-centric apps and sites that can help plan your wedding

No one ever said planning a wedding would be easy. Believe it or not, though, most of what you need likely already lines the app collection on your smartphone. Check out some our favorites, whether you need to send out invitations or find…

Android Wear vs. Apple Watch: Which one will “wow” your wrist?

The Apple Watch has finally launched. However, how does Apple's first foray into the realm of wearable tech stack up against Google's smartwatch platform, Android Wear? Check out comparison of the two for a closer look at their features…