This may be the one accessory Apple Watch owners really need

The Apple Watch is supposed to run for around 18 hours before the juice runs out. For owners who want the security of knowing that they can charge it anywhere at any time, a number of third-party outfits are offering solutions, including…
Health & Fitness

Apple vs. Asthma: How ResearchKit is ‘unshackling science’

Research into complex disease is dramatically changing, thanks to apps like Asthma Health based on Apple’s ResearchKit, which aims to turn the smartphone into a potent medical device that can count calories and help contribute to clinical…

Look, ma — No iPhone! The next Apple Watch may work under its own steam

Apple's first wearable isn't even out in stores yet, but already we're hearing about the Apple Watch 2. One analyst says it may be a standalone device, have and OLED screen, and arrive later this year.
Home Theater

Apple’s 25 channel, $40 per month TV streaming service may land in September

The latest news on Apple's expected online TV service suggests it could launch in September with around 25 channels. Subscribers paying between $30 to $40 a month will be able to watch shows across all of Apple's iOS devices, including its…

You could soon head on over to an Apple Store to trade-in your Android phone for an iPhone

Apple Stores could soon let you trade in any smartphone, notably including Android smartphones, for an iPhone. Employees are reportedly being trained this week, with the program launching in a few weeks.

MacBook Pro owners complain anti-reflective coating is wearing off their displays

Some MacBook Pro users are beginning to find that the anti-reflective coating applied to the device's Retina screen is beginning to wear away, leaving those without AppleCare to face an expensive repair.

Apple’s Watch is finally ushering in a world beyond ‘one size fits all’

Apple has always been a one-size-fits-all company, but it’s veering the other direction to address one inescapable fact: Everyone wants to wear something different.

Are you a snob or an idiot? The Apple Watch lets you choose!

The Apple Watch is expensive no matter which model you choose, but that's not going to stop owners of the cheapest model looking, well, cheap. It's all part of Apple's masterplan to bring back the old days of brand snobbery.

Our picks of the best apps out this week

There are hundreds of new apps released every week, making it impossible to try them all, even if you can search them out in our ever more crowded app stores. To make life easier, we've gathered our favorites together in a handy list…

Trends with Benefits: Primus triggers mom-rage, Google’s stank solution

Overpriced streaming services and gold watches battle for idiots' money, Primus caused a mom to shoot her TV, and Google's plan for a smell-squelching fan has everyone confused, then appalled.

As airlines and hotels launch apps, Apple Watch could be next big travel gadget

Airlines, hotels, and other travel-related companies are betting the Apple Watch will be a hit, with several launching apps to coincide with the Watch's release. Here's a look at some that could change how we travel.

Macbook Air and Pro run through the ringer, and the results may surprise you

Primate Labs has released official benchmark scores for the new models of Macbook Air and Pro, comparing how the two fresh entries into the market measure up against their previous iterations.