Kwikset Kevo unlocks the front door with a single touch

Using technology to develop a more convenient way of entering your home, the Kwikset Kevo is a new type of lock that communicates with an iPhone using a proximity sensor in order to unlock the front door.

Apple has a lengthy waiting list for police requests to unlock iPhones

Authorities ask Apple to decrypt their devices for ongoing investigations so often that the company has had to create a waiting list for police, federal agencies, and other ongoing investigations, according to newly available documents.

How to back up, speed up, and clean up your iPhone or Android device

The birds are singing, spring is here, and it’s about time we cleaned out the clutter. Let’s take a look at some ways to spring clean your smartphone and some apps that can help.

LG, HTC, and Samsung are planning fall phone releases to compete with iPhone 5S

Rumors are flying around about Q3 mobile releases that are expected to come from Apple, but other manufacturers are ready to compete. HTC, LG, and Samsung are just three with promising devices also scheduled for the same time frame.

Wake up, Apple! 5 much-needed upgrades we want in the next MacBook Air

Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference is just a month a way, and Intel is about to release a new processor line. That means an update to the MacBook Air is likely. Here's what we hope to see when Tim Cook reveals the new Air.

New information breathes life into affordable iPhone rumors

Pegatron, a company responsible for building iPhones and iPads, said it's increasing its workforce by 40 percent, breathing new life into the affordable iPhone rumor. The new phone is expected to debut sometime in the third quarter of this…
Mobile lets you download iOS apps from the Web without launching App Store will allow company's to embed a button on their sites, letting people download iOS apps without needing to even have their mobile device present. The API is currently in beta and being tested out by a handful of developers.

T-Mobile selling 600,000 new and used iPhone 5s each month

T-Mobile reported in a press release that, year over year, the total revenue for the company in Q1 dropped 7 percent. But its recent merger with MetroPCS, doing away with contracts, and allowing customers to use any phone they want may help…

Rumor: Sharp will start display production for ‘next’ iPhone in June

The specifics of the fabled iPhone 5S have yet to be determined, but a Japan-based report says the production of the display is set to start next month. Sharp is said to be taking the helm on this one and production is set to start in June…
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Galaxy S4 ad says Samsung is for college grads and cool dads, iPhone is for old folks

Samsung has debuted some new ads touting features in the Galaxy S4 and ripping on the iPhone. Check these out to learn exactly how Samsung wants you to view its newest phone.

Budget iPhone rumors re-emerge, looks like it may not come to U.S.

Rumors coming out of Apple's Taiwan supply chain point to a new, "cost-efficient" iPhone that could be unveiled soon. The device would be implemented quarter-by-quarter in emerging markets.

Acer Iconia A1 vs. iPad Mini vs. Galaxy Note 8.0: Spec showdown

Earlier today, Acer officially unveiled its newest line of gadgets, including the new Acer Iconia A1, a mini tablet with an extremely competitive price. We compared it to two industry leaders to see how it stacks up against the competition.