Look out, Spotify, Amazon Prime Music just entered the music-streaming scene

Amazon entered the music-streaming scene with Prime Music. The new service offers more than one million songs, pre-made playlists, and the option to listen to music offline. Prime Music is included in the $99 Amazon Prime subscription.

Twitter restores TweetDeck after major hack disables app

After hackers discovered a security flaw in TweetDeck, Twitter was forced to shut down the service's apps for a short time. The bug has since been patched and TweetDeck users are back in business.

Apple marketing revamp could involve enormous in-house ad team of 1,000 creatives

Following the recent revelation that Apple executive Phil Schiller was more than a little perturbed by rival Samsung's marketing efforts, the iPhone maker is reportedly putting together an in-house ad agency consisting of as many as 1,000…

Apple gets into the Android app business with Beats

The acquisition of Beats could be a momentous turning point for Apple’s strategy in the fight against Android because the company apparently intends to keep it on the rival platform. Is this evidence of Cook’s business sense moving…

Apple patent may track weightlifting progress with rumored iWatch

A new Apple patent hints at the existence of the iWatch and promises a small gadget for tracking weightlifting progress at the gym. The device would send data to the Healthkit app on the iPhone or iWatch.

Best World Cup apps for Brazil 2014

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is set to kick off in Brazil on Thursday June 12 as 32 teams go head-to-head for the biggest prize in sports. We’ve pulled together a list of the best World Cup apps to ensure that you don’t miss any of the…

Needs directions: Apple Maps app is still a mess due to internal politics

Apple's Maps app is still less than perfect. Improvements to the app were widely anticipated at WWDC 2014, but Apple said nothing of Maps during the keynote. New reports hint that internal arguments may be to blame.

Create virtual cliques with Secret app’s ‘Dens’ feature for work, school gossip

Anonymous app Secret added a new small community sharing feature called "Secret Dens," where posters can mention office gossip and other revelations. The Dens are separate from the rest of Secret and are much more intimate.

iOS 8 has a new feature that stops retailers from tracking you when searching for Wi-Fi

A Swiss developer discovered a new iOS 8 feature that randomizes your iPhone's MAC address while it's searching for Wi-Fi networks. The feature will prevent stores from tracking your location and shopping habits.

Wakey wakey, Google Now sounds off alarm before transit arrives at stop

Google Now will give you a wake-up call when you're on public transit, so that you don't miss your stop. The new feature allows you to set an alarm once you're enroute to the office.

Modio app turns your iPad into a 3D monster toy design company

Modio takes full advantage of 3D printing technology, letting you design your own monster robots to play with – or use as decor for your bachelor pad. The iOS app gives you lots of design and color options for each module, creating a toy…

5 real-life problems OS X Yosemite solves, and Windows 8.1 screws up

Unlike Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, Mac OS X Yosemite solves real world problems. And this is coming from a life-long Windows user.