Trademark trouble: Apple loses claim for exclusive rights to ‘iphone’ name in Brazil

Brazil’s Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) has ruled that Apple does not have exclusive rights to the iPhone trademark in the country, confirming that the rights remain with local firm IGB Electronica (formerly Gradiente…

The not-so-amazing race: Will Chevy or Honda be first to offer Siri Eyes Free system?

Chevy, not Honda owners, will be first on the block to enjoy Siri in their new cars. With Siri Eyes Free, users will be able to call upon the iPhone-based helper to make calls, activate the radio, compose texts, and much more.

Tim Cook trashes Samsung screens, calls smartphone market ‘wide-open field’

Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke yesterday at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference, revealing a good deal of information about the inner workings of Apple and the direction the company will be headed.

Apple discounts MacBook Pro Retina and MacBook Air, updates processors

If you've waited to buy a MacBook Pro with Retina display because it was just a tad over your budget, you're in luck. Apple's knocking off $200, discounting its MacBook Air, and boosting its processor specs.

iWatch ‘beyond the experimentation phase’ – team of 100 working on Apple device, report says

Following similar reports from the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, another mainstream news outlet has joined the party with its own iWatch report. Bloomberg says a team of 100 Apple product designers is working on a wrist-based…

BMW borrows heavily from Apple with Genius Everywhere program

The BMW Genius Everywhere program borrows heavily from Apple, but there is no denying that it's a good move for the automaker. With cars only getting more and more complex, tech specialists are becoming a must.

Atlantic City firefighters use iPad Bible app for swearing-in ceremony

No, these Atlantic City firefighters aren't swearing allegiance to Apple and its multitude of tech offerings – they're actually using a Bible app for a swearing-in ceremony after realizing no one had brought along the print edition…

More analysts think Apple will introduce an affordable, lightweight iPhone

Apple may be looking to introduce a new, slimmer, low-cost version of the iPhone to the market this year. These models would likely be available for nearly 50 percent less than the cost of current iPhones.

Apple, Microsoft and Adobe summoned by Australian parliament in pricing probe

Lawmakers in Australia have summoned representatives from Apple, Microsoft and Adobe to appear before a parliamentary committee on March 22 to explain why many of their products cost so much more there than in the US.

Time for more iWatch claims: NY Times and WSJ say Apple is working on iOS wristwatch

Two reports published over the weekend – one from the New York Times and the other the Wall Street Journal – both claim Apple is moving ahead with the development of a so-called iWatch. Though rumors of such a device have been around…
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Boston Acoustics MC200 Air Review

Boston Acoustics MC200 Air Review.
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Huawei, Lenovo, and ZTE make top five smartphone manufacturers list in late 2012

Huawei, Lenovo, and ZTE made it onto the Canalys list of the top five smartphone manufacturers in Q4 2012, largely thanks to the dominance of the Chinese cell phone market, pushing top dog Sony out of its spot o the list.