Best Apps of the Week: Zeebox, Imgur, Twitter, and more

Windows 8.1 will bring great new apps in the future, but if you want new apps now for your phone no matter the operating system, check out our best apps of the week including Fuelzee, Sunset, Batman: Arkham City Lockdown, and more.

PNY launches StorEdge SD card-sized expandable storage for your MacBook

Need more on-board storage than the puny 64GB SSD on your MacBook Air? This PNY StorEdge card adds up to 128GB of space to your laptop through its SD slot – but just don't call it an SD card.

The new Mac Pro changes the game for creative pros – will they keep playing with it?

Apple's forthcoming Mac Pro is a radical redesign, but will it meet the needs of professionals who rely on Apple's top-of-the-line Macs?

New iPhone dock doubles as smoke and carbon monoxide detector

A new Kickstarter project proposes an iPhone 5 dock that doubles as a top notch smoke and carbon monoxide detector. If successful, the company has plans to release additional versions of the dock for both Android and Windows devices.

Best iPod Touch games

We reveal our picks for the best iPod Touch games available now from iTunes so you can get some glorious gaming on your iPod while on the go.

Best iPod Touch Apps

We bring you our picks for the best iPod touch apps on the market today after digging through Apple's massive library. Multiple members of the Digital Trends' staff contributed to this list.

Apple testing motion detection in iOS 7, but who will use it?

Apple is testing out basic motion detection, potentially introducing head gesture control when it releases iOS 7 later this fall. The option has limited functionality and is currently accessible to developers trying out the beta version.
Android Army

iPhone takes hit in European market as Android pushes ahead

New data from research firm IDC shows Google's Android operating system enjoying an increasing share of the European smartphone market. Apple's iOS, meanwhile, saw a year-on-year decline.

Apple investigating MacBook Air Wi-Fi issues, orders store workers to ‘capture’ faulty machines

After reports in recent days about Wi-Fi issues with Apple's updated MacBook Air machine, the tech company has decided to investigate the issue, telling Apple store employees to send faulty machines in for testing.

Siri’s pronunciation to improve in iOS 7, thanks to new name learning feature

We already know Siri is set to be more helpful in iOS 7, but a new feature has been discovered which shows the virtual assistant is willing to learn too, as you'll be able to teach it how to pronounce difficult names.

New Nokia ad depicts iPhone users as pale, red-eyed, freakish zombies

Looking for a way to differentiate the Nokia Lumia 925 from the rest of the smartphones in the mobile space, Nokia has produced a creative ad poking fun at Apple users and promoting a feature of the Lumia lineup.

Virgin Mobile users get access to the iPhone 5 next week

Potentially good news for anyone looking for the iPhone 5 without having to sign a service contract, Virgin Mobile plans to start carrying the Apple smartphone starting late next week.