[Updated] Intel’s Core M powers the MacBook

We got our hands on a Core M-powered system, and spent some time testing it to see how it will hold up as it begins to appear in new systems. Here's what we learned.

Apple CarPlay coming to 40 different models this year

Apple CarPlay will be available on 40 different car models this year, the company said at its Apple Spring Forward event. It claims every major carmaker has signed on to offer the system.

One of the first apps announced for the Apple Watch is a virtual pet

It may end up being one of the most technically impressive smartwatches yet released, so why wouldn't you want to turn the Apple Watch into a virtual pet? Don't worry, with Hatchi, you can!

How to watch Apple’s ‘Spring Forward’ event today, and what to expect

Apple will hold its Spring Forward event today on March 9 where it's expected to reveal all the details about the Apple Watch. Here's how to watch the event live and what else to expect.

Apple’s new patent hints at a future of waterproof iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches

Apple has filed a patent titled “Methods for shielding electronic components from moisture,” which hints at a possible future of waterproofed Apple devices – iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and maybe more.

6 features Apple Watch needs to stand apart from other wearables

What would make the Apple Watch truly successful? How will it steal a march on the rapidly expanding smartwatch market? Here are six things that could really boost its chances of success.

Disney iPhone app turns selfies into 3D characters from Star Wars, Frozen

Disney's latest iPhone app, "Show Your Disney Side," turns your mug into one of several characters from Disney's amusement parks. For Star Wars fans, that means you can "dress up" as Darth Maul or X-Wing Pilot.

As the Apple Watch ticks closer, experts await a fatal flop

As the Apple Watch ticks closer to arrival, experts are expressing doubt about its ability to rise above competitors, and Apple’s ability to innovate under Tim Cook.

Java for Mac now includes the same adware as Windows version

Mac users are set to experience the same frustration that Windows users have for some time, as Oracle has started including the Ask toolbar with the new OS X Java update.

MacBook ship times slip back a day; new models on the way?

The MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina have suddenly encountered a shipping delay, adding credibility to speculation that a hardware refresh is imminent.

Cyanogen CEO predicts doom for Samsung, Apple

In a recent interview, Cyanogen CEO Kirt McMaster said he believes Samsung's market share will drop so low in 3 to 5 years that it will be eliminated from the market. He also believes Apple will run into trouble, thanks to budget devices.